10+ easy backyard deck designs and ideas 

A backyard deck has become a staple in every residential architecture. Having one increases a home’s resale value and extends it outdoors. Like any other portion of your home, there is no absolute rule or guideline for achieving a specific backyard deck design.

Of course, your deck’s design depends on your deck type. It can be multi-tier, attached, detached, or wraparound.

The attached decks are the most common types of deck. They need solid bracing; that’s why they are attached to the house.

This modern blue design makes good use of the deck as a living or guest area.

If you notice, there is also consistency with the blue denim furniture, the home facade, and pots. The choice of that colour gives off a Mediterranean, coastal, or nautical feel to the deck.

It also embraces the deck’s fusion with the environment by building it around the tree and incorporating the design with its surroundings.

Also, the panoramic glass windows ensure enough flow of natural light throughout the space and into the house. It saves electricity and is a practical decision regarding emerging environmental problems.

If the glass element faces the sun, make sure they are double-glazed to keep an energy-efficient household.

Detached decks are not attached to the house. Draftsman usually suggests that it can be placed near the pool, fountain, or garden, just like the one in the photo below.

A porch swing in the surrounding of the pool, overlooking a beautiful landscape, is an impressive modern deck set-up. The key to creating a perfect deck is putting together and maximising the elements in your outdoor area, in this case — the sun, sea, sky, and trees — along with other details.

If there is confusion on what colour to paint your deck or design it with, you can never go wrong with white. White is the universal image of minimalism — visually open and a good reflector of natural light.

It is also easy to blend into a home’s existing facade and furniture colour.

Pick the best exterior material for your backyard deck. Many materials are ideal for your space, which are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Wood is one of them.

If you are using thermally modified wood (thermowood), you can opt out of using paint, stain, or oil to protect the material. The thermal treatment used in the wood drained all of its moisture which made it resistant to all kinds of weather.

Bamboo shades or bamboo blinds are suitable exterior coverings for your backyard. They are durable and affordable. Here, the use of bamboo pots in the design and the sail cover provides enough shade for the deck area.

A firepit or a fireplace is an excellent centrepiece addition to your backyard deck. Its sleek design must complement the overall style and look of your project. Whatever material your deck’s made with, you can get a firepit, like the one below.

Here, the sofa embraces the whole deck, providing a comfortable and warm area that can accommodate a large family.

If the property is enormous, a wraparound deck is a type that can provide anyone with a full view of the whole property.

Meanwhile, a multi-tier deck can give an elevation to the whole house.

Either way, you can always get creative with the railings. In the design above, the floor deck is in honey tone, while the railings and the pergola, which both highlight the deck’s design, are both in redwood.

Here, the house extends outside, allowing the deck to function as a dining area.

Spending time outdoors has so many health benefits. Aside from the warm breeze and cool fresh air, exposure to the sun can elevate levels of Vitamin D and protect you against heart and bone diseases and even depression.

A glass element is vital to the beauty and success of your deck. It helps maximise space and light in your home. An enclosure for privacy and safety against extreme weather is the best choice, mainly if you are in wet and rainy areas.

You will realise how far your deck can go regarding design, feel, and warmth if fused well enough with the environment. More than that, you can smell clean and fresh air if surrounded by greenery.

Conduct research about the plants that can withstand the weather and climate in your area. For flowers, you can put them into big pots and place them depending on how much sunlight they can tolerate. Adjust your seating if necessary to avoid crowding the entire outdoor space.

Lastly, invest in furniture. This simple design displays low-to-ground furniture or bean bags on the deck, providing cosy and comfortable seating.

Aside from being ideal for every environment, they can also release tension headaches and back pain.

To sum it up, design ideas for your backyard deck do not have to be elaborate and expensive. The most practical decision for your deck is to plan a design suitable for your location, lifestyle, and needs. However, it’s always important to consult with professionals. They’ll be able to analyze the materials that’ll fit your preferences best, and help you make the most of your space. Such services are usually available, and you can get in touch easily with deck builders in Kansas City,  Austin, Manhattan, or whichever might be closer to your location.