10+ Sleek And Stylish Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Interiors To Die For

A farmhouse kitchen has a distinct personality that sets it apart from other design styles. There is a certain familiarity about the design that gives it a unique charm. Here, we compile examples of classy and trendy farmhouse kitchen interiors that are worth replicating.

Scandinavian farmhouse

In this image, we see comfort and practicality. Farmhouse interiors are known to have wood-dominant interiors and rustic kitchen cabinetry. Meanwhile, Scandinavian design leans on blending in the greenery and maximising the use of natural light. The design above is a clever combination of both.

A contrast of wood and white

As previously said, the farmhouse style embraces the beauty of wood, allowing it to dominate the entire kitchen interior. However, rather than controlling the space, the rich appearance of hardwood enhances the clinical white elements in this design.

Luxury in all the elements

Aside from the classic country feel, this luxury farmhouse kitchen features a black walnut wood finish and texture for its custom cabinetry, stools, and flooring. Meanwhile, the expansive gas-strut windows allow indoor-outdoor flow, making the space more functional than it already is.

Farmhouse coastal

Just because it’s a farmhouse design doesn’t mean you can’t use patterns. The beauty of Arabesque white and grey tiles for the splashback and the entire kitchen interior can be seen all throughout this design. It adds a subtle yet well-defined visual appeal while complementing the hardwood floor and door.

Meanwhile, the grey shiplap in the kitchen island creates the illusion of a taller breakfast bar. Shiplap has historically been used to construct boats, ships, and beachfront residences for its weather and water-resistant qualities. Here, its use evolved into providing an additional cosy appearance to a rather luxurious kitchen set-up: that and the metal bronze net lights atop the white quartz benchtop completed this farmhouse coastal look.

Farmhouse kitchen design evolved from a laidback aesthetic to a hybrid of cosy and modern elements. The polished bronze texture used throughout the space provides texture and dimension. Meanwhile, the charcoal grey bar stools contrast with the almost overwhelming white choices for the quartz benchtop, wall, splashback, and kitchen cabinets. A kitchen remodeling company from Austin with years of experience would be able to create cabinets and countertops that fit this kind of contrast in design.

From this view, earthy colours like blue and green were constantly employed in the area, accentuating this home’s coastal design.

A mix of industrial and rustic

The expansive picture windows allowed the sunlight to warm up this interior. Furthermore, the metal pendant lights also helped bring character and sophistication to this two-toned farmhouse kitchen, along with the rustic fixtures such as the burnt wood-stained stools and barn door. Ultimately, the matt grey, vintage subway tiles made this look a classic. 

There’s nothing wrong with mixing farmhouse and industrial elements. Here, the metal chandelier and antique stove complement the farmhouse-style kitchen. Also, thanks to the shiplap ceiling, the space appears longer and continuous even with a low height.

Open-plan living

The purpose of an open floor plan is to foster a sense of togetherness, something you can find in this lovely farmhouse interior. It highlights cosy elements such as rugs, linens, and pillows. The warm, low-glare downlights and pendant lights also create drama and harmony. 

Warm and cosy colour palette

Despite what many believe, your farmhouse kitchen won’t look dull or bland by choosing white paint. The kitchen interior above relies on glass windows to illuminate the space, while the paint colour helps enhance the flow of light into the room. 

This will not only help you save money on electricity, but it will also allow you to reap the health benefits of sun exposure. However, you must ensure that the windows are well-insulated so that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard, especially during summer.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Look at this stunning grey and white kitchen interior — the crown moulding from floor-to-ceiling cabinets, the shaker cabinet doors, and the luxurious intricate details of architraves draw inspiration from a Hamptons design style. This design gives your space some character while keeping a timeless interior.

High ceilings for an airy aura

Exposed beams may be typical design elements of industrial homes but, they are also prevalent in most farmhouse designs. They help maximise the flow of natural light while also making the area seem spacious and comfortable. The spiral staircase composed of vertical iron slats also saves space.

If you think you can only have a kitchen on the ground floor of your farmhouse, why not consider having a stylish one up in your attic? Converting your attic into a farmhouse kitchen like this project is possible but may require a lot of work. For one, it may require structural changes. You may have to contact a building design expert or a structural engineer.

In creating the ideal farmhouse kitchen interior, you don’t always need to evaluate each piece’s significance in the design. Rather, every piece must work harmoniously together, both in visual and functional aspects.