11 tips to Bring a Feeling of Spaciousness in the Apartment

Does your apartment have more compact measures? No problems! The amplitude in the apartment can be conquered with some decoration techniques, choice of colors of walls and furniture, and even positioning of objects. With these 11 tips, you can conquer the feeling of spaciousness in the apartment you have always dreamed of. It is worth checking! Use these tips and decorate your Park view city apartment.

Tip #1 – Colors that Give a Feeling of Amplitude

As we always cover in our content, wall painting brings deep meaning to the overall look of the decor. Light colors, for example, help to expand the space, and you can use them on specific walls   – or even on the ceiling! 


It is important to avoid primary and very vibrant tones such as red, yellow and blue. Because they can feel like a smothered and cramped environment. 

Tip #2 – Use Sliding Doors

Opting for sliding doors greatly optimizes the size of your environment, as doors with hinged openings need space to open and close. In addition to being practical, they can be a different touch to your decor.


This tip is valid for both environments and planned furniture. Talk to your designer and check the best option for your space!


Tip #3 – Optimize Space

It is important to pay attention to the circulation that the environment promotes. Furniture in the middle of the road or poorly positioned can convey the feeling of a cramped space. Vertical cabinets are a great bet to ensure the use of space. Bet on shelves, furniture that turn into chests, and air spaces. 


Another important point is knowing how to use the spaces for more functions, such as bedroom and home office, kitchen with dining room, kitchen and service area, among others. If you want to know more about multifunctional and integrated environments, you can check our website.

Tip #4 – Use Natural Light

Well-lit places convey the feeling of being larger and wider. Remember to avoid dark corners, using directional lights to illuminate them.


Tip #5 – Planned and Aligned Furniture

Furniture with the same height and creating horizontal lines gives the feeling of spaciousness. Using paint to draw horizontal lines and collaborate with your decor is also possible. In addition, planned furniture ensures that the space is used in the best possible way, ensuring functionality and practicality, in addition to adorning the decor.


Tip #6 – Be Creative

It is essential to use your creativity when decorating. Take advantage of draped plants or hanging items to utilize vertical space. Access our article and get tips on how to use plants in your apartment and which are the best types for each environment.


Tip #7 – Mirrors Magnify

Investing in mirrors is an old trick, but it remains on the rise. They double our perception of the size of a space. 

Small, colorful living room Picture of a cozy, green sofa in the colorful living room with geometric decoration. Render image. mirror decorations stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The idea is to use large mirrors the size of a wall. Only in this way will the feeling of spaciousness be achieved. 

Tip #8 – Focus on Height

Decoration objects such as paintings, mirrors, or even shelves should not be hung at heights above 170mm. The greater the distance between the object and the right foot, the greater the sensation of spaciousness.


Tip #9 – Use Functional Furniture

Using furniture that folds or has more than one function is a great tip to optimize spaces and increase circulation in environments. Beds that turn into chests, tables that fold or are attached to the wall, niches, and corner cabinets are some options to follow this tip.

Tip #10 – Less is More

Many decor items, old things, or even things that we do not use anymore are big users of space. It is worth evaluating and rearranging what still needs to be in your home, especially in this new year. We have already given some tips on how to do this exercise in this article.


Tip #11 – Be Careful when Choosing Window Coverings

The idea is to use blinds or shutters to cover your windows and openings in a light and minimalist way. They are great for taking advantage of natural light.

Roll textile jealousy Window with sand coloured roll blinds window coverings stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

If you prefer to use curtains, make sure they go all the way to the floor. In this way, they bring the illusion that space is longer than it actually is. It is important to pay attention to the color and material chosen for the curtains, preventing the environment from becoming compact and heavy.

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