15+ stunning outdoor kitchen designs and tips that you must try

An outdoor kitchen is a famous contemporary home feature. It’s a step towards integrating outdoor living into your home and cleverly incorporating the surroundings into the design. Below, we present must-have designs for outdoor kitchens. We’ll also give you tips on how to set up such a kitchen.

Incorporating natural elements

This is an outdoor kitchen on a terrace overlooking the ocean. Although the white concrete wall provides shade for the kitchen area, it still allows enough light to brighten the entire space. The stainless steel railings with glass allow a steady flow of natural light and an unobstructed view of the scenic landscape.

Similarly, below is an alfresco kitchen. Design-wise, the pool represents the water element. It allows the building design to embrace the distinctive and stunning landscape — the river and the evergreen forest. The role of water in this design is to create a whole visual play of motion, serenity, and tranquillity, all of which can be perceived as comforting.

Considering the barriers

In coastal areas, it’s essential to consider the weather — temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed. These factors can make the appliances or kitchen equipment outdoors prone to damage. Also, saltwater and moisture might cause the corrosion of metals.

Make sure to regularly clean the appliances and benchtops to keep the build-up of saltwater. Always check if the circuit breaker or outdoor devices are unplugged when not in use. Regularly wipe down the grease and remaining debris with stainles steel polish. Polishing your material improves its corrosion resistance.

Protecting one’s gear from the elements is essential for any outdoor activity. In this contemporary penthouse, you’ll note the double-glazed sliding doors in this panoramic view of the kitchen and the veranda. These doors create a seamless link between the indoors and outdoors while ensuring that your kitchen amenities are safe.

An outdoor kitchen can be an extension of your living space if paired with another structure, such as a gazebo, pergola, or swimming pool.

Position your kitchen where it’s most accessible, whether going to and from the house or vice versa. That way, it would be easy to treat and entertain guests and, simultaneously, navigate your home.

You might want to replicate the design above if you have a spacious yard. The kitchen, outdoor bar, and dining table are all under a pergola, while the gazebo serves as a lounge. The trees and plants blend well with the design. Natural materials such as wood and metal are also present. Additionally, the white outdoor patio tiles provide a partition or an illusion of enclosing the kitchen into the space.

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Choosing materials and fixtures

Here’s an image of a covered luxury patio with a beautiful sunset view. Remember that location is an integral design consideration. Seeing that the outdoor kitchen faces west, the position of the skylights is necessary to provide sufficient illumination.

The cooking amenities and the sink are located on the far end of the outdoor living space, which is both a cost-effective and practical choice. Building your outdoor kitchen close to the house makes it possible to attach the sink and electric cooker to the existing plumbing and electrical system.

Below is an open kitchen connecting to the pool. The stained concrete benchtop is a long-lasting and durable choice for the outdoors. Also, it’s rot, rust, weather, and fire-resistant. The white brick porcelain tiles covering the base add texture and enhance the visual interest of the kitchen.

With an expansive benchtop, you can have more space for cooking, cleaning, and preparing food. Cooking can also be perfect entertainment for your house guests while drinking a bottle of wine or champagne.

The transparent fibreglass roofing sheets, steel panels, and vines provide enough shade for light to pass through. Meanwhile, the fresh plants in the background give away a soothing vibe, making the outdoor kitchen cosier.

More than making your house look spacious and cosy, an outdoor kitchen can improve the home’s resale value. That is if you intend to sell the house in a few years. You can maximize and carefully plan what your kitchen will look like with the help of a building designer.

In choosing an outdoor kitchen design, remember that the overall look is secondary. The design should mainly be about convenience, accessibility, and practicality. Hopefully, these designs and ideas can guide and help you build your own outdoor kitchen.