4 Care Tips For Your Granite Countertops Orlando

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones that’s become popular when used for countertops. You often see them on magazine covers, with celebrities and other famous personalities flaunting the pristine and immaculate countertops of their city residences, vacation homes, and ranches. 

Today, most homeowners prefer granite countertops when updating their kitchens to add value to their homes. The unique appearance of each slab adds to its incomparable stunning look.

These countertops are preferred as they add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the kitchen whatever type of house you have, minimalist or grand. Not only are they visually pleasing, but granite countertops have a lot of benefits to offer. Some of these are as follows:

  • Granite countertops may be costly, not to mention the installation costs they would entail, but their benefits will be to your advantage in the long run. Besides, you can get custom prices based on the size and thickness of the granite you require for your home. 
  • Because granite is formed using pressure and heat, it can resist heat well. This feature is perfect for home use, where it might include a hot pot. 
  • The material is durable and doesn’t chip or scratch easily with normal use. 
  • Granite is considered stain resistant, but you’ll still need to use a sealant. This sealant is ideal as granite is still a porous material. 

Although granite is low maintenance, you still have to keep it looking pretty. However, be wary of all the advice people have on cleaning granite. Looking for the proper care tips might get confusing and frustrating, especially when you are scared of ruining your countertops.

The first step to caring for your countertop is getting professionals like those from granite countertops Orlando or anywhere near you to help you get the highest quality. After installing the right type that fits your style requirements, you can now consider the following care tips you can use to keep your counter shiny and looking new:

  1. Use A High-Quality Sealer

Seal your countertops to boost their water and stain resistance. If you just got your granite countertop, ensure it’s sealed before using it. Additionally, although it sounds like a lot, sealing granite is a simple and quick process you have to do depending on the wear and tear. 

The sealer makes your countertop shine and aesthetically pleasing. Yet before resealing your countertop, you can perform a simple test to help you determine whether the time is right. 

This test includes pouring three drops of water on a small section of the countertop and waiting for approximately 10 minutes. If the water forms a bead, your sealant still works, but if it sinks to the surface, you might have to reseal it immediately.

  1. Don’t Leave Spills On Your Countertops

Even though a sealed granite countertop is waterproof, you need to avoid leaving any spills sitting on the surface. Acidic liquid spills and cooking oil might stain and weaken the surface if left on for a while. 

Hence, consider cleaning spills immediately to avoid any damage and stay safe. However, you must be careful when wiping and use soft dishcloths that won’t corrode the surface. 

  1. Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Supplies

Granite countertops require minimal maintenance, especially when it comes to their cleaning. For everyday cleaning, you can use warm water and pH-neutral soap. These cleaners protect the sealer, especially when paired with a soft cloth. 

Moreover, avoid using acidic cleaners that will remove any sealant. These cleaners include vinegar or ammonia, leaving the surface at risk of damage. Additionally, stay away from generic products such as:

  • Glass cleaners 
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach
  • Disinfectants
  • Ammonia
  • Bath tile cleaners
  • Lemon, orange, and other citrus all-purpose cleaners
  • Vinegar
  • Grout cleaners
  1. Use Water And Baking Powder For Stains

Your granite countertops become protected from stains with a sealant. However, the sealant tends to wear over time, and you might notice that your stone gets dark. Luckily, you can get rid of the stain on your own. 

Mix baking soda and water into a paste, then spread it over the spot. Afterward, use plastic wrap to cover it, poke some holes, and then secure it with tape. After letting it sit for 24 hours, remove the plastic and the residue formed by the paste. Rinse with distilled water, then polish the surface. 

Bottom Line

Consider settling for a proper cleaning routine to keep your granite clean and shiny. You can use a granite cleaner and dish rag to clean everyday spills. For your weekly cleaning routine, ensure that you remove all hidden dirt, spills, and dust around appliances, containers, and any item on the countertop. At the end of the year, consider sealing your countertop in case of wear and tear.