7  Beautiful Customised Wall Decals For Kids

Kids don’t love simple and boring wall decals; they love something special and personalised that can make their rooms look great. Your kids will be over the moon when you get them one of these customised wall decals.

From educational quotes to personalised names, these amazing wall decals will make your kid’s room look even better. Don’t go with random wall decals; get the perfect ones with these amazing customisations. If you are finding it hard to get the right wall decal for your kid, here are 7 of the best custom wall decals you can choose from.

7 Beautiful Customized Wall Decals For Kids

The plain white walls are no more in trend. Give your kid a unique style with these beautiful customised wall decals.

Kids Alphabet Wall Decal

If your kid is fond of the alphabet, this wall decal can be a great option. This wall sticker has all the alphabet in an attractive font and colourful cartoon figures.

Your kids will learn new words and phrases quickly as they look at these characters daily. Many times, a toddler learns the alphabet before they can speak. The vibrant colours and attractive figures will make your kid’s room look better.

Personalised Name Wall Decal

These personalised name wall decals are best for kids aged 7 to 10. They can customise these wall decals with their name or any word they want. This is a great way to make them feel special and help them remember how to spell their name.

The different calligraphy fonts available make it even more attractive. The girls mostly prefer the swirly fonts, while the boys prefer the straight ones. These wall decals look great anywhere in the house and will make your kid’s room stand out.

Educational Quote Wall Decal

Knowledge gives power. And this is true, especially for young kids. Get them this educational quote wall decal that can help them develop their skills.

These wall decals are designed so that no matter what age group your kid belongs, they can learn something from it. It also has some beautiful fonts and illustrations to cheer up the room.

Realistic Animal Wall Decal

These realistic animal wall decals are just amazing. It has some of the most realistic animals depicted in a 3D format. These are best for kids aged 4-7 as they can quickly identify different animals with these wall decals.

From cats to bears, your kid’s room can look even better with these amazing wall decals. To give your kid’s room a wild makeover, these 3D animal wall decals are the perfect solution.

Novelty Wall Decal

These novelty wall decals are great for kids who love superheroes and cartoon characters. These wall stickers have some of the most popular characters from cartoons or comic books that your kid loves.

Nothing can be better than having their favourite superheroes on the walls. This can also help your kid find their inner superhero and inspire.

Gaming Wall Decal

This wall decal can be a great option if your kid loves gaming. It has some of the most popular gaming characters that your kid will surely love.

This is an amazing way to show their passion for gaming in their room without looking too immature. The vibrant colours and attractive figures make these wall decals stand out.

Favourite Sportsman Wall Decal

Kids can never get enough of their favourite sportsman. This wall decal has some of the most famous faces from different sports, along with motivational quotes.

Your kid will be inspired to try new things and follow their passion when they look at these wall decals daily. From cricket to football, this decal has everything your kid needs.


There you have it; these are the 7 best wall decals you can choose for your kid. Whether they love animals or superheroes, these custom wall decals will make their room look even better. So why wait? Get one of these customised wall decals and give your kid a unique style.