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Architectural Styles

Minimalistic Homes

Minimalistic Homes

Modern design in the style of minimalism has become one of the trending and most popular trends in architecture and interior design. Its conciseness and straightforwardness won the trust of both the owners of suburban housing and city apartments.

Chalet Style House

The presented design of a beautiful wooden chalet is located on the banks of the Kyiv reservoir. The architects maintained the style of a traditional Bavarian chalet in the villa.

White House Design

White home design – a universal solution for creating an open, comfortable, light environment – a project of the Warm Architects bureau with a photo. White color has become one of the main in modern interior design and architecture.

Cube House

What are the 5 best qualities of modern architecture combined in a house in a cubic style? The benefits of cubism in house building. Choose your cube house!

Flat House Design

Flat ideas in the design of a small house help to rationalize the space inside and outside, achieve its ergonomics, and spaciousness, and provide all the necessary functionality.

Barn Style Homes

Barn style homes – private housing, which appeared through the conversion of a barn, a barn for living space. This style of house building is relatively new and appeared at the end of the last century.


The loft turned out to be one of the most extraordinary styles in the design of the space – housing becomes similar to an industrial facility, and there are practically no restrictions in the context of creativity, and unusual solutions.

Japanese Style

A modern Japanese-style house is a fairly practical and convenient solution not only for Eastern culture. 


Beautiful interiors and exteriors of a modern farmhouse from the world’s best architects