Choose A Self-Storage Solution for Your Home Decor Project

Have you embarked on a D.I.Y mission and are in desperate need of additional storage space? Choose a self-storage solution and keep your items secure during your next home decor project. Whether you’re renovating a room or remodeling your home, access to a secure space for storing furniture pieces and belongings during the process is essential. 

Additionally, keeping tools and supplies securely stored during construction can save time and money in the long run. To ensure that you choose a self-storage solution for your home improvement project, there are three main factors to consider.


First of all, accessibility and location of the self-storage facility should be taken into account when selecting a self storage unit. If you’re working on a large renovation project that requires frequent trips back and forth between your home and the self storage facility, then choosing a local company will make things much easier. On the other hand, if you only need occasional access to items stored in your storage unit then distance may not be as important of a factor as cost. 


Next up is evaluating security features offered by different self storage facilities. Many offer 24/7 surveillance systems with motion detectors as well as gated entryways with keypad locks or even biometric scanners for added protection against theft or vandalism. Make sure that whatever self storage facility you choose has adequate security measures in place so that your belongings remain safe while they are being stored away from home during renovations or remodeling projects.

Storage Unit Size

You also need to consider how much space you’ll need. Whether you’re storing a few pieces of furniture to avoid any paint splashes during your home decor project, or you’re storing the contents of your 5-bedroom family home while you take on a large-scale renovation project, you’ll need a self storage unit to suit your needs. Storage unit sizes may vary from 10sqft to over 500sqft! For assistance, take a look at this guide for choosing the right self-storage solution. 

Preparing Your Items for Self-Storage 

When preparing your items for self-storage, it is important to clean any furniture pieces before packing them away in the self storage unit. This will help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that could cause damage or contamination to other stored items. It is also a good idea to use a mild detergent with warm water when cleaning any surfaces that may come into contact with food or other perishables. Make sure all furniture items are completely dry before packing away in boxes or containers.

Most self storage facilities also sell packing supplies on-site so you can prepare your belongings for storage. Labeling boxes can save you time in the future when searching through self storage units for specific items. Pack and label each box clearly with the contents inside, as well as the date they were packed away so you know exactly what’s inside each box at a glance. If possible, store similar items together in one container such as kitchenware, books, and clothing, which makes finding things much easier down the line.

Fragile items should be secured with bubble wrap or foam padding prior to storing them away in order to protect against any potential damage during transport and storage. Place heavier objects on the bottom of containers and lighter ones on top for added protection from shifting during movement between locations. Once everything has been securely packed up, make sure all lids are tightly sealed so no dust or dirt gets inside while stored away in your storage unit.

It may take some careful planning, but choosing a self-storage solution for your home project can help to: 

  • Ensure convenient access to your furniture and personal belongings. This may be ideal if you’re decorating each room of your house one-by-one. 
  • Keep all of your tools, materials and equipment safe and secure. 
  • Make sure your home decor project is on track and organized.
  • Save money on multiple journeys, meaning you can keep all of your belongings in one storage space until you’ve finished your home renovations or interior design project.