Best 3D Corbel & Bracket Models Collection

We offer you to download the best collection of 3D models of brackets/consoles/corbels from a facade decor manufacturer. 3D models are selected taking into account the maximum practicality of use in architectural projects of any style. The library is presented in universal 3D formats: STL, SKP, 3DS, and OBJ. Also, all parts have pictures in JPG format for easy selection and insertion into a commercial offer for a customer.

157+ Decorative Corbel & Bracket 3D Models

Elements of the 3D library are completely ready for implementation into your architectural design of the exterior or interior, 3D milling, a 3D printer, for CNC, or for the production of a real product (buy a Corbel & Bracket).

With our collection of 3D corbel models, you can easily create beautiful exterior or interior designs in any architectural style. The models are lightweight – up to 40,000 polygons each. It won’t put a lot of stress on your entire project. Each element is easily scaled to the size you need. This is easy to do, for example, in a program such as SketchUp. The design of the models has classic features and high detailing of individual parts. Our 3D models of corbels & brackets will allow you to perfect your architectural project.

Corbel 3D Model Example

Below are examples of 3D models of our corbels. By clicking on the picture, you can twist, zoom in and view in more detail.

3D Corbel & Bracket Models / Examples of using

Most often, such an element of facade decor as a corbel is used to decorate the lower part of the window – a decorative window sill. Our collection will help you to easily select the 3D model of the corbel according to the proportions and configuration that suits your design.

No less popular is the use of corbels in the upper part of the window – visual support of the window cornice. This technique allows you to significantly increase the height of the window and give the appearance of the window opening more beauty and pomp.

By easily choosing the required type and shape of the corbel from our 3D library, you will create a high-quality and beautiful exterior or interior design for your customer. If you are engaged in the production of this type of product, you can easily fulfill orders according to our 3D models in any style

Any 3D model of the corbel can be easily edited or scaled to the needs of a specific project. From various parts of our 3D elements, you can create your own, unique design.

You can buy our set of 3D models of brackets as a whole or separately. To buy items separately – send a request. In this case, the price of the model will be $ 5 / pc.