Excellent Tips for Buying Skirting Board You Need to Remember

Giving the interior of a house a sharp finish is vital. Besides, the finishing contributes to the aesthetic value of the premise. Similarly, skirting cancels the bottom of the plastered wall. Skirting can be done when the walls are wet or plastered but not smooth; in some cases, skirting hides the junction of the plastered wall. There are different types of skirting boards depending on your house’s design. In most cases, the architecture will recommend a skirting that suits your house design. Here are the tips that will assist you in buying a skirting board for your premises. 

Design Matters

Skirting boards come in different designs. Choose a design that blends with the design of your house. Besides, the interior design of the house also allows you to select the size of the skirting board. There are both contemporary and traditional boards, so you will choose one that suits you, depending on the home’s design. Remember, it will help to consider your furniture’s color design and type before investing in a skirting board. You do not want your house to have clashing colors, hence the need to blend the shade of the skirting board profiles with the furniture. 


The board’s material is vital as it determines its appearance and life span. The panels come in the form of MDF, which is plain-looking, affordable, and long-lasting, hardwood which is long-lasting and costly, and softwood which is reasonably priced but suitable for traditional homes. It is best to choose the board depending on the attribute you like. If you visit online sites, it will help to inquire about the skirting board profiles they have and then place your order if they have what you prefer. Remember, if you want your board customized, it would be best to choose hardwood, as they are also available in pre-oiled or pre-stained versions.


The board comes in different heights, so you need to consider the size that suits your house. Similarly, age matters here since historic places have tall ceilings; they will need a longboard to blend well with the house. If the home you have a shorter ceiling, you need a shorter skirting. However, you can go exceptional if you want to protect your walls from young kids and pets. If your house has extra-long or short ceilings, it will help order customized boards to fit into your interior design.

Budget Is Key

The money you set aside for skirting will also determine what you buy. If your budget is high, you can go for the hardwood; if you are operating on a medium budget, then using a board from softwood would help, and finally, a skirt made of MDF would do since they cost less. If you choose to buy skirting online, you need to do due diligence on the store before making an order. For example, if you want to buy from online sites, it will help if you confirm the store’s legitimacy in delivery plus return policy.