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ArtFacade » External Wall Panels In Modern House Design

External Wall Panels In Modern House Design

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Wall Facade Panels 👉 Respectable Exterior of the Multifunctional Complex

aluminum facade panels

Decorating the outside of the building always requires special attention and an approach to design. Most architects prefer to use more practical and reliable types of materials. They are distinguished by their affordable cost and high protective functions. Proof of the respectability of the building was the next project from 3BM3 Atelier d’Architecture in Geneva. The main idea in idea was facing the facade with panels, which set the theme for the design of the entire multifunctional complex.

The features selection panel for the cladding

exterior facade panels

A variety selection of contemporary cladding materials allows you to find a decent option. In addition to the fact that the facade protects the “filling” from the aggressive environment, it also gives the building an unusual appearance. Smooth siding panels are ideal for even coatings or with an atypical shape.

modern facade materials

wall facade panels

Looking at the external facade of the building, it seems that it is finished with wood. A pleasant brown shade imitates a natural tree, due to which the kit looks noble and aristocratic. The plates are installed in an upright position. Sheathing made it possible to distinguish a multi-level structure and to divide each zone. The layout provides for the presence of several functional objects in the form of a large conference room, a center for the elderly, and a public reception room for residents of the town.


Modern panels for facing the facade of a house or public building have good operational properties:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Resistance to external influences, UV radiation;
  • Simple installation;
  • The durability of a covering.

Placed in a row of plates demarcate the entire complex. To highlight each level, horizontal gray partitions are mounted between the panels. Such a contrast was chosen so that the building did not seem like a solid brown spot. External aesthetics comes to the fore. Architects have chosen a beautiful finishing material with excellent decorative features.

facade panel system

facade cladding panels

The lightweight construction of the panels does not burden the structure and does not add additional load. Due to this characteristic, the facing of building facades with panels allows you to sheathe high-rise objects of social significance. A distinctive feature of the structure was the side wall. Its shape stands out among the smooth geometric lines. Symmetrical slopes inward made it possible to give a shadow effect on the facade with a contrast of dark and light colors.


aluminum panel facade

Specialists of the architectural bureau knew that choosing to trim plates under simulated wood, you need to take into account the features of the material. A solid finish would look monochrome, boring, and cloying. Small windows, a glazed entrance, and horizontal stripes allowed to dilute the facade and fill it with bright attractiveness.

external facade cladding

building facade panels

It is noteworthy that siding panels were also used to cover the roof of the extension. This combination creates a single holistic picture of the visual beauty of the object. Sliding glazed doors and windows throughout the facade are made in atypical black. This contrast is in perfect harmony with the general background and landscape environment of the complex.

metal sheet facade

panel facade system

Ambiguous cladding facade panels are attracted by the fact that a different wall angle looks special. From the sunny side, the wall ripples with color transitions from light to a more saturated shade. And from the darkened part, the coating is perceived as completely monochrome. It is panel panels that can play this effect, which play in different colors when lighting changes.


In this project, architects and designers embodied the fine line of grace and presentability. The aesthetic appearance of the facade, as if merging in the inner space. Each public area is made in a natural finish. The wood trim in the large conference room adorns the walls and ceiling, further increasing the floor space.

Original hanging lamps in the form of heavenly rings are a creative choice for designers. To enhance lighting, glazed round holes are provided in the ceiling. Such a solution fills the room with light as much as possible, creating a warm atmosphere for discussions, discussions. The furniture in the form of stands and chairs is also made of wood, which corresponds to the general style of the project.


metal panel facade systems

The development of social facilities is based on the selection of durable materials that will retain their characteristics from year to year. Despite the variety of finishing methods, the paneling of the facade remains at its peak of popularity. Functionality and presentable appearance are the main advantages of this option for exterior design.

The panels are resistant to corrosion, decay, mechanical damage, which allows to increase the life of the building.

Despite the huge area of the complex of 2650 m2, the architects were not afraid to use modern cladding. Hard work gave an excellent result, worthy of attention. The panels not only reliably protect the facade, but are also responsible for its excellent appearance.

Architects 3BM3 Atelier d’Architecture SA – C. Stendardo et B. Montant
Photo L- Fascini