Wood Exterior House ~ Black and White Harmony ► 21+ images

Wood Exterior House ~ Black and White Harmony ► 21+ images

The exterior of a wooden house can be made irresistible by choosing harmoniously matching colors and making the building design creative. Mixing different colors and textures allows you to create a unique design. Your home can be decorated in a minimalist style or have additions as a varied decor.

Wood exterior house

The exterior of the wooden house in the photo has a dark color – this color of wood always looks unusual and attractive. A rejection of the brown classics will allow you to emphasize the non-standard character of your monastery.

Black is the color of elegance; this inimitable architectural image is flawlessly complemented by tall windows. The roof is matched to the tone of the whole building. On the terrace of such a house you can sit for a long time on warm summer evenings, enjoying the view and sipping hot coffee.

Wood panel house exterior

The wooden exterior will look great surrounded by tall trees and lush bushes. A small garden in front of the window will make your pastime at home more enjoyable.

By the way, plants perform not only a decorative function. Due to the fact that the cottage has large spacious windows, without protection in the form of maple or oak, the room will be too hot on sunny days.

Wood accent exterior house

Wooden exteriors attract many due to their naturalness. So why not make the same cladding inside the house? However, the dark colors in the room will look too gloomy, so it is better to give preference to the natural shade of the tree.

The color of a sandstorm will add to your home an indescribable comfort at any time of the year. Also, the interior of the rooms can be supplemented with small pots with plants.

House exterior wood siding

A compact and comfortable chair is needed in order to enjoy the view in rainy or cold weather. And in order to fill the cottage with the maximum amount of light, it is worth making a part of the roof from a material that transmits scattered sunlight.

Finishing the exterior of a wooden house can be the embodiment of the most unusual ideas. The room, decorated in such a natural style, perfectly suits for creativity. You will certainly want to come to such a house to take a break from the bustle of the city and listen to the beautiful sound of silence and wind.

Wood exterior homes

The image shows a house where the insulation of the exterior of a wooden house was also made. As for the design, the back of the building can be decorated in different shades, but it is important to maintain a common style. In this case, despite the fact that the wall here is made of particles of cinnamon wood, it is supplemented with elements of black color.

A cute lantern, as well as a window frame in the color of coal, become those details that allow you to make the image of the building integral. Being in such a house with a cute Labrador is a pleasure, because it looks like a classic of suburban life.

Modern house wood exterior

We examined the exterior of the wooden house, now we finally go inside the building – which hides this mysterious structure with a perfectly even shape and black lining. The interior of the house looks exactly the opposite – light colors and a little asymmetry.

However, the same natural image of the cottage continues here, because the walls are finished with wood. White color refreshes the interior, makes it incredibly elegant and sophisticated. Several paintings with discreet colors on the wall emphasize a certain correctness of this style, giving it special sophistication.

Wood on house exterior

The design of the kitchen combines different shades of brown with the addition of black and white colors. A small vase with clusters of hydrangeas or several branches of lilacs will make the room look more welcoming.

At such a table it is pleasant to have breakfast, to conduct long conversations with a large group of friends or family. It is an indescribable pleasure to wake up in the morning in such a cozy cottage, lower it into the kitchen, following only a quiet clatter of dishes and the delicious aroma of fresh pastries.

Home exterior wood siding

This cooking area is very practical. The spacious table top is perfect for cutting various ingredients for dishes, there are also several large shelves for dishes and closed tables, behind the doors of which you can put different kitchen utensils.

On one of the surfaces is a green plant that fits perfectly into the interior. It is important to choose a flowerpot that tolerates a temperature difference, because it makes no sense to take it out of the room during cooking or to save wilted leaves for a long time.

Wood on exterior of house

If the project of a wooden house is created in such a way that the kitchen is connected to the hallway, you can divide the space using a partition. Today, there are thousands of design options for such partitions, they can be made of metal, glass or even fabric.

In this case, this is a wood product, as the designer continued the naturalistic idea of the building. High ceilings make it possible to install a bronze lamp with a long wire, which looks so elegant in the interior.

Replacing exterior wood on house

The countertop in the kitchen does not need any painting, because the wood coating is attractive in itself. A straw fixture is a delightful match for this type of country house. The combination of elitism and simplicity is a wonderful mix, the embodiment of which is shown in the image. The whole house looks light inside, and due to this, it is spacious.

Play with contrasts, make the house the embodiment of your whims. The snow-white curtains inside the cottage with black walls will make it special. Finishing the exterior with wood means only that the building can take any form and texture, so you can safely embody the most contradictory geometry ideas, and you can follow the symmetry and focus on that. The exterior of a wooden house is a limitless space for your imagination and creativity.