101+ Best & Modern Large House Design Ideas

Modern large house with a pool on the sloping terrace. Advantages and features of the villa, features of architecture and design with photos and descriptions.

The modern architecture of a large house with a pool

Large house with pool

The architectural bureau Pereira Miguel Arquitectos presented an ultramodern large house with a swimming pool in the Portuguese town of Monchique. This is a high-tech villa with a minimalist interior. It concentrated on the latest trends in architecture and design.

Large house with pool

You can evaluate the scale and originality of the object by the photo of this large house with a pool.

impressive view relaxation area of a large beautiful house with a pool

One of the main elements of the villa is an outdoor terrace with a large pool. This is an exit from all living rooms and social areas. The peculiarity of the terrace and pool is that they are located on the view side of the house, and it offers a stunning panorama of the city, the sea, and natural landscapes. An impressive view effect was achieved because the building was built on a ledge of a steep slope and is located at an altitude of hundreds of meters above sea level.

Large house with pool

To the latest architectural trends, the pool is located on the edge of the terrace and has no sides – there is an abyss immediately after it. Swimming in the water, it seems that you are on top of the world, and nothing obscures the view of the gorgeous landscape. From here you can see hills several kilometers away, you can enjoy the sunset on the horizon – the sea can also be seen there.

Large house with pool

You can admire the view from the terrace of the rooms of the house – they all have panoramic glazing. Due to its location in a picturesque area at the height of a bird’s flight, this large house with a swimming pool has the best view characteristics.

Large house with pool

project of a large house with a swimming pool – modern construction technology

The house was built on monolithic technology, which allowed to implement a project with a free layout. The space is maximally open from the side of the recreation area. The rooms are spacious and ergonomic. The minimalist design in light color expands the space even more visually, and the panoramic glazing becomes the emphasis here.

Large house with pool

Due to the monolithic construction, the building is firmly and firmly held on the sloping terrace. A large, beautiful house with a pool almost hangs over the abyss. This creates the effect of infinity – the architects did not make visual boundaries between the living space and the abyss stretching to the horizon. But they provided the terrace and pool with the necessary security measures. Strong glass barriers remain invisible, but it is a reliable barrier between housing and the abyss.

Large house with pool

environmental friendliness in trend – a large country house with a pool

In the interior and exterior decoration, on the terrace, natural materials are used to the maximum. It involved wood, stone, glass, and metal. Due to this, the object is successfully integrated into the environment. It is safe, reliable, and convenient. The house maintains a pleasant microclimate. Comfort is also affected by the convenient location on the south side of the slope.

Large house with pool
plan of a large house with a pool

An impressive spectacular, large house with a swimming pool on the sloping terrace gives a sense of freedom. It is fully consistent with the leading trends in housing construction in 2020.

Architects Pereira Miguel Arquitectos
Photo Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

630 m² Brazilian Exotic Large One Storey House

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plan of a large one-story house
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Having real estate in a big metropolis, sometimes you want to step away from all the fuss and go on vacation. An excellent solution would be to purchase or build a country cottage or cottage. Even on the site of a dilapidated building, you can build a cozy home. In the example of the reconstruction of a building located in Brazil on 630 sq.m., we will see how such ideas are realized. The modern large one-story house has become an example of classical architecture and an extraordinary layout.

Features of the project of single-story houses of a large area

If the land allows you to swing with the building, then you need to use every square meter correctly. Sometimes projects are very overloaded with all sorts of technical plans, and complex forms. As a result, a person cannot feel comfortable and enjoy being in nature. An ideal option would be to use the laconic line of the entire building and the absence of several floors. The one-story building can accommodate all the necessary premises of the social and technical parts, as well as service areas.

one-story house with large windows
project of a large one-story house of 5 bedrooms
one-story wooden house with large windows
projects of large one-story houses with an attic
large-area single-storey house project
house for a large family one-story project

“A building can become and be beautiful and unadorned thanks to its own proportions” – Johann Joachim Winkelmann.

projects of single-storey houses with large windows
one-story houses photo projects with large windows
single-storey house project with a large veranda
large one-story house of glued beams
frame one-storey house with a large terrace
sims 4 large one-story house

The building at one level is more relevant, as it can accommodate different variations of layout, and design. Moving along long corridors is very simple, there are no barriers to the free movement of children and the elderly. High aesthetic data of the object is a no less important aspect in favor of such a project. Builders, designers, and architects emphasize that the projects of large one-story houses have such advantages:

  • Lack of difficulties in the design and construction of real estate;
  • The presence of a free zone for the arrangement of additional buildings;
  • Minimization of construction costs;
  • The ability to use the roof attic for various rooms;
  • The volumetric appearance of the space where all rooms are distinguished by freedom, and extended area.

The architectural style of a large one-story house

large one-story brick houses

The undoubted highlight of the presented project was the central block of the house, which crosses the entire structure. Previously, there was a garage on this site, and after reconstruction, it turned into a spacious, thorough living room. The intersection axis connects the two parts of the hacienda, giving it a special grace, and pomposity. This is a very bold decision because not everyone will agree to design such a hill in the middle of the house. Perhaps this is characteristic of the brave Brazilians, who are always distinguished by charisma.

Silhouette of the central part of a very extravagant. A gable roof with wooden trim visually elevates the structure, expressing the integrity of the whole picture. Indoor, the architects left an open ceiling that looks unusual and interesting. The original form of the living room allows you to increase it, and fill it with light and warmth.

one-story house with a large living room

Features a large single-story house decoration

beautiful large one-story houses

The builders did not move away from the initial project and continued the construction with brick. This allowed us to create a unified style of the facade, which is made in bright colors. The contrast of the building is determined by the central transverse axis – it is a darker shade. The walls of the building are simple and concise. Restraint and severity prevail here. A flat roof fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the facade.

Demonstration of photos of large one-story houses allows us to see how different elements of the building are used extraordinary. Large panoramic windows and door glazing are designed to fill the house with natural light. But, the main attention is drawn to swing shutters.

single-storey houses of large area

Advice! No need to clutter up the structure with complex geometry. Straight lines will give rationality and make the facade presentable.

For a one-story house, it is important to provide natural ventilation, ventilation in the rooms. Lined up in a nice green color system is a shot at a point. The architecture of the building comes to life and becomes challenging, and stylish. Moreover, the pivoting doors throughout the facade are made of the same material and color, which makes the appearance harmonious, with an emphasis on openings. Entrance doors are also swing type, only with glazing.

If an ordinary passerby looks at such a structure, then he will have the impression that this is not a house, but a continuous hangar. For standard housing, this facade decoration is not familiar. That is why a large one-story house is so interesting and unusual in its architecture. And for the residents beautiful horizons open up, an opportunity to see the natural beauty from any room.

How do equip and plan a one-story building?

projects of single-storey houses with large bedrooms

Starting the layout of a large house, many questions arise:

  • How many rooms should there be?
  • How to arrange the premises?
  • Make them big or compact?

On an area of 630 sq.m. there is something to make a start and experiment. In one part there is a living room, dining room, and bedrooms. On the other hand – there is a recreation area with a bar, billiards, and pool.

large one-storey house lay-out

Such a layout creates maximum comfort for residents of the house. All rooms are very spacious, and large, with high ceilings. In such rooms, it is always pleasant to relax and spend time at a family conversation or a noisy party with friends. In addition to all these advantages, it should be noted that the projects of large one-story houses often divide the plots into several separate buildings.

project of houses beautiful houses large one-story

This solution is implemented in the case of the Fazenda in Brazil. An aristocratic yellow staircase in the form of a mini-corridor leads to the second part of the house. There are 4 parking spaces, bedrooms, and a wonderful garden. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to realize a complex layout. As you can see, the professional skill of architects and builders solves extraordinary fantasies. Residents can be located in one part of the house, where there is mainly a living area. On the other, you can relax among the exotic trees in the garden.

project of a modern one-story house with large windows

Designer things for a large one-story house

one-story houses with a large room

Like the outside of the building, the inside is made in the style of minimalism. Designers decided to maintain the simplicity of the area, emphasize the natural finish and create a balance with the surrounding landscape. Spacious one-story house with a large living room and kitchen – this is the place for family and friends. There is no time to be bored here because the presence of great freedom allows you to have an active and fun time.

beautiful one-story house with large windows

Looking at the rooms, you can see that they are identical in design and symmetry of forms. A rectangular room with a matte and glossy wall covering, wooden furniture, and brown shades of decor create modern minimalism. All areas are visible through sliding glass doors, which makes them even brighter. The lighting looks original. Designers use lamps built into the wooden ceiling, and hanging chandeliers with a ceiling are selected for the living room.

Big house – maximum comfort

beautiful one-story house with large windows photo

In the suburban hacienda, there was a place for the steam room. Sauna in a white tone predisposes to complete relaxation.

large beautiful single-story houses photo

Sitting in a small pool, you can see a forest, green spaces, and flower beds from a panoramic window.

one-story house with a large terrace

A large open-air pool is built on the same level as the sauna. Now it’s not a problem to take water procedures under the hot sun, but in rainy weather, you can steam inside the house. Original and practical. In the recreation area, there is a pool table and a small table for gatherings. The surrounding nature seems to cover the whole house with its branches, which are located on a hill. Despite the huge area of construction, all plantings were preserved on the territory. Summing up, from the seen architectural project, we note that a large one-story house becomes an unforgettable place for living and seasonal relaxation. Amazing terrain and the restored building became an example of simplicity and unique arrangement.

Architects Mutabile Arquitetura
Photo Clayton Silva Caldeira

Simple forms + Large sizes = Beautiful private house / Red Rock House, USA /

Beautiful large private houses are radically different from the usual rural houses. At first glance, the rectangular and square shapes piled up in a chaotic order in the final version appeared in the image of the original and unusual on the outside, but comfortable and cozy inside the country cottage.

Beautiful large private houses

Structurally, the house looks like a backdrop for a science fiction film that tells about the future of our planet. The simplicity and clarity of the lines and geometric shapes give the facade of all the buildings of the architectural complex non-standard techno accents.

The metal structures and the abundance of panoramic glazing inherent in the high-tech direction are softened by the wooden finish of the exterior walls. This architectural detail preserves the basic characteristics of techno-design and at the same time facilitates the entire structure.

Beautiful large private houses

The wooden facade, unlike concrete and brick, creates a lower load on the foundation of the building, therefore, the requirements for its strength are slightly reduced. The use of wood naturally fits the glass-metal look of the house into the environment.

Beautiful large private houses

During the construction of the building complex due to the use of some elements of organic architecture, it was possible to use the slope of the site with maximum benefit. The main building hangs over the foot of the hill, giving a feeling of weightlessness and revealing beautiful views of the surroundings.

Beautiful large private houses

Industrial aspects are also beaten in the enclosures of numerous balconies, loggias, and outdoor areas. Metal structures create a comfortable and protected space for relaxation and communication of all family members.

Beautiful large private houses

Beautiful large private houses require a special creative approach to the interior of the interior space. Spatial cleanliness and spaciousness, and minimalism in the arrangement of rooms create a special atmosphere of light and elevation.

The perfect white color of the walls and ceiling is emphasized by a dark palette of wooden flooring. Fireplaces of various designs and comfortable, multifunctional furniture give home comfort in the rooms. In this comfortable environment, there is a place for work and creativity.

Beautiful large private houses

The area of a large private house allows not only to provide a comfortable living space for a large family but also to equip a study or workshop. Panoramic glazing, high ceilings, a light, and spacious interior – this is exactly what you need for equipment, for example, a hat workshop.

Beautiful large private houses

The complex topography of the site is no longer an obstacle to individual construction. Experienced designers and architects will be able to build beautiful large private houses on a site of any complexity and will help them with this new construction technologies and modern materials.

ArchitectsAnmahian Winton Architects
PhotoJane Messinger

Shed Roof of a Large House in Ethno Project Pine, Brazil

With the longitudinal placement of the building plot, the shed roof of a large house allows you to combine living space and the surrounding landscape. Open areas located under the roof canopies act as smoothly flowing structural elements from the interior rooms to the green courtyard.

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The country house, made in the style of local farm buildings, is designed in the national architectural style of the Argentinean village. The use of perennial pine wood for the erection of the roof and retaining beams continues the architectural thread of the unity of the construction ensemble and local color.

Shed roof of a large house

Tile roofing of local production naturally fits into the surrounding natural splendor. The inclined design of the back wall creates an unusual facade and shades the interior rooms on hot summer days, creating a cozy and comfortable living space in the house.

Shed roof of a large house

Preserved natural vegetation around the building and the inner house, paved with natural stone, creates an atmosphere around the house, as close as possible to the natural environment. Rest and walks in such a yard will become like a trip to the pristine forest.

Shed roof of a large house

At the same time, the vast green lawn from the front door of the house allows you to fully enjoy the spacious, open view, not only from the terrace under the sloping roof but also from all internal rooms.

Shed roof of a large house

The shed roof of a large house is a unique opportunity to equip protected and comfortable outdoor recreation areas for all family members.

interior solutions under the tiled roof of a large country mansion

Shed roof of a large house

Panoramic windows and solid glazed doors in combination with metal structures visually combine the external and internal space of the building. Pine retaining posts and longitudinal ceiling beams in the interior also act as one the unifying elements, giving the premises a natural warmth and natural simplicity.

Shed roof of a large house

The back wall, located under a slope, gives the rooms an unusual appearance, and panoramic windows – spatial purity. Partitions made of wood and a non-standard arrangement of wooden furniture were successfully used for zoning the space.

Shed roof of a large house

When arranging the kitchen and dining area, the construction of a shed roof was successfully beaten. White color and natural shades of wood create a restrained and modest interior that matches the folk style.

Shed roof of a large house

The sleeping rooms are combined with the bathroom not only constructively, but also stylistically. Wooden elements and white color create a single space; a thin partition without doorways was used for its zoning.

Shed roof of a large house

The use of supporting wooden columns in the interior is inherent in ethnic styles. Poles can carry a structural or decorative load. Successfully beat the necessary structural elements will help interior solutions in the ethno-direction.

ArchitectsCanalli Arquitetura
PhotoEduardo Macarios

Big & Beautiful Elliptical House on the Ocean Shore

Architectural bureau Mário Martins Atelier went against the trends of classical, traditional architecture, presenting a large and beautiful elliptical house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The object is a complex of oval-shaped spaces that form an ergonomic villa in close contact with the surroundings.

big beautiful houses

The dynamics of open light volumes give a feeling of freedom and peace with a panoramic view of the oceanic landscape.

Elegance Of A Big And Beautiful Elliptical House In Smooth Lines

big nice houses

The architects preferred lightness and refinement of forms. This was achieved thanks to smooth lines, and lightweight structures that provide the closest contact with fresh air and nature.

big beautiful mansions

The large canopy above the terrace has an impressive opening that allows air and light to enter the recreation area. But at the same time, there is always enough space for relaxation in the shade.

big beautiful homes

Refinement and elegance are accentuated by white color and a lot of glass. Not a single corner in the house looks gloomy, gray, or dark. The space is flooded with light, and glossy surfaces and water ensure its refraction, reflection, and uniform dispersion over the area. A large and beautiful house looks even more spacious.

nice big houses with pools

The architects found a fine line between fullness and emptiness, ensuring the delimitation of spaces not only with the help of physical structures but also visually, thanks to the play of filled and hollow volumes.

Idea Of A Big And Beautiful Elliptical House Inspired By Nature

big nice mansions

The smoothness of shapes and designs ensures a gradual transition between the outside and the inside. There are no clear border dividing spaces. This idea is borrowed from the environment itself, when the landscape smoothly transitions from the coast to the green landscape, and then to the mountains.

beautiful big mansions

On the ocean side, a swimming pool is designed in front of the house, providing a gradual transition from water to architecture. Next are the outdoor recreation areas, which are in close contact with both nature and the interior of the house. And the oval roof with an opening blurs the border even more.

beautiful house big

A big and beautiful elliptical house on the Pacific coast has become an example of modern architecture, almost completely abandoning traditional solutions with walls, classical distribution of spaces and a strict transition from landscape to living space. This is a complex of innovative residential areas for recreation and everyday life.

ArchitectsMário Martins Atelier
ImagesFernando Guerra | FG+SG

Spacious Large Roof House on a Mountain Hill

large roof House

The presented house project was implemented by the famous company LSD Architects in 2016. The unique location on the mountain peak of Malpa “Costa Rica) offers amazing views of the ocean. The central idea of architects is to create a house with a large roof, in which each square meter of space will fulfill its purpose.

large roof House

The design has developed the exact geometry of lines and shapes in its natural context. The decision to make a flat roof in two independent structures is ideally combined with the wildness of the surrounding nature. The roof also looks awkward, but at the same time retains high reliability, security of the building, and a stylish look. The main part of the coating is made with a slope that opens onto the terrace. And the second is perfectly flat.

large roof House

The upper part of the roof is covered with light-colored corrugated board, trimmed with ferrous metal on the sides. The combination of contrasting colors was not in vain, because it emphasizes the exterior with the interior decoration of the house. Here, the direct connection of the design of the entire facade with the surrounding natural landscape is preserved.

large roof House

Winding lines are used in the construction of the entire structure. Various bends of the walls and irregular shapes of the terraces give an unusual appearance. A house with a large roof was erected, a photo of which shows us all its charms, of black concrete walls. The decoration creates an incredible effect against the backdrop of green vegetation with a light interior design.

large roof House

Wood and metal are the main materials used by architects in interior decoration. The walls, ceiling, and furniture are made only of natural wood. The vertical arrangement of the bars increases the already spacious rooms. On the ground floor, there is a large living room with a kitchen. There is a dining table for adults and a small one for children.

large roof House

White walls and light floors fill the room with a special atmosphere of coziness, warmth, and comfort. The open space is designed to create natural light and a ventilated system. On the first and second floors, there are glass sliding doors. They offer views of the hill, and the ocean, which allows you to enjoy natural harmony.

large roof House

The project includes a kitchen-living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. All rooms have a large area for a comfortable stay. Each zone is viewed from the outside through panoramic windows. Each structure is finished with metal, and wooden fences are used throughout the house.

large roof House

Of particular note is the interior of the bathroom. The room is in the open air, part of which is covered by a side roof. Yin and Yang is the design of the bathroom. White sinks and a wall create a contrast with the shower area. The concrete finish in black is suitable for flooring made of natural pebbles.

large roof House

The project photo shows that the living room opens onto an open veranda. The exterior of the space is also made in light-dark shades. Country houses with a large terrace under the roof allow you to allocate a recreation area in an open area. Here you can spend evenings or sit with your family at breakfast, being touched by the beautiful landscape.

large roof House

The wood trim of the large roof and interior rooms forms the continuity of each part of the structure. Architects adopted a single idea of the exterior and interior. Minimalism with natural forms complements each other, causing admiration for the project.

Architects LSD Architects