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Open House With Brick Cladding

The presented project of a country house combines traditional brick building technologies and ultra-new solutions for integrating open spaces with the environment. Brick facade cladding symbolizes the reliability, quality factor, safety of the facility. At the same time, it received an unusual asymmetric shape, which is not typical for traditional architecture, it has open spacious volumes in which living spaces are equipped.

brick cladding design

This is a comfortable, safe housing, located in a hot climate and high humidity. Openness, the use of natural materials and a special configuration provide a pleasant microclimate inside.

red brick exterior ideas

The introduction of a house with a brick cladding facade into the natural environment

An expressive brick cottage with concrete structures looks quite rough and massive, partly resembling an industrial facility. He pulls the accent. To minimize the effect of interference with the surroundings, the architects designed the house with a brick facade cladding a mountain landscape. Externally, the building repeats the shape of mountains and hills, thereby joining the environment.

brick accent wall exterior

In addition, the house has large open spaces with access to the terrace with a swimming pool. Sliding doors in the kitchen area allow you to attach it to the local area. And private rooms have access to the patio.

House With Brick Cladding

Brick looks quite industrial. But if you competently beat it with a tree, it no longer looks so urban and rude. This technique was used in the design of interior spaces. Brick walls are adjacent to wooden ceilings, furniture, interior doors. Therefore, the rough appearance changes to a softer, more comfortable environment for living in the interior.

House With Brick Cladding

The main message of using brick facade cladding

During the construction of the house, it was planned to use local, available materials. It was important to achieve high strength, quality factor, safety of the facility. It was in connection with such priorities that the decision was made to build a house of concrete and brick.

House With Brick Cladding

Sloping roof structures with perforated vertical elements provide effective removal of warm air from the inside. High-quality conditions for natural ventilation are created here. And since air constantly circulates in residential spaces and social zones, this has a positive effect on the microclimate. Even on the hottest day, freshness and coolness remain here.

House With Brick Cladding

Thus, brick facade cladding in a house in the middle of a natural landscape provides an emphasis on architecture. The cottage expressively stands out against the backdrop of living vegetation. At the same time, it provides comfortable, safe living conditions, protection from adverse weather conditions. And due to the red color, the architecture dilutes the natural environment, adding bright nuances.

House With Brick Cladding
ArchitectsPlan:b arquitectos
ImagesAlejandro Arango