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ArtFacade » What Can Be A Modern Panoramic House?

What Can Be A Modern Panoramic House?

With the popularization of the integration of housing into nature, the view from the windows has become an especially important point. This is one of the key aspects influencing the comfort, showiness, attractiveness, and atmosphere of real estate. The panoramic view house is a trend in modern architecture. It is what we see from the windows that to a greater extent creates the mood in the living space.

The McLeod Bovell Modern Houses architectural bureau presented an innovative project with an emphasis on species characteristics. To unleash the potential of the panorama outside the windows, the building received floor glazing and an original structure.

Panoramic house in pursuit of views

The architecture of the house is thought out in such a way that the panoramic windows face the brightest landscapes with the bay, hills, and forest. Recreation areas with a swimming pool are designed in front of the panoramic windows. They do not obstruct the view, but at the same time the most impressive pictures of the surrounding area open up from here.

From more private spaces on the upper floors, the windows face the forest, which is reflected in the seclusion and romance of the panoramic house. If in social zones we feel infinity, lightness, and spaciousness, then in the bedrooms, in the study, the emphasis is on warmth and comfort.

Perspective glazing of a panoramic house

The architects made the most of the outside views of the cottage. Due to its location on a hill, panoramas of more than 180 ° open from here. And all these views remain accessible from inside the building. This effect was achieved due to the corner glazing and the broken shape of the enclosing structures, which, as the landscape changes, rotate to cover the best picture from the outside.

We get individual, unique panoramas from different spaces and zones of premises. This allowed us to achieve a variety of atmosphere and furnishings in the house. The glazing seems to be built around an axis to open the most suitable landscape option for the residents from every point of the cottage.

Integration of a panoramic house with nature

Together with the impressive views, we get direct contact with the environment. This was achieved thanks to the opening structures. Pulling apart the panoramic windows in the recreation area by the pool, we get an integral space in which the inside and outside are tightly covered.

The super-view panoramic house is thought out not only for beautiful, atmospheric views, but also for the possibility of direct contact with them. In the cottage and outside its windows, the same fresh air with the scent of pine needles and the sea breeze. And the pool soaring at a height of several tens of meters becomes a link between the endless sea and cozy but luxurious modern housing.

ArchitectsMcleod Bovell Modern Houses
ImagesEma Peter

Concrete panoramic house with wood ceiling lining

A magnificent combination of wood cladding on the example of a modern concrete house with large panoramic windows. A great option for a balcony is a terrace with a glass railing. A harmonious combination of black window frames with warm wood and cold concrete from Austrian architects.

Architects Matt Gibson Architecture
Photo Derek Swalwell

Original Panoramic View House in the Canadian Forest

Architects continue to work out in more detail the introduction of country cottages into the natural environment. Another such project is a trendy family home with panoramic views of the Canadian forest landscape. An object in a trendy eco-friendly style with Barnhouse elements fits perfectly into the environment of wildlife and at the same time allows the owners to plunge into its majesty. Let’s look at some techniques to further integrate housing into a forest landscape.

Perspective panoramic view from the house

The culminating part of the building on the second floor is brought forward and rises above the forest of the Charlevoix region with impressive natural pictures – a floating sky, a river meeting on the horizon with the sea, and majestic trees. It is towards this view that the main panorama of the house is made.

The entire front part of the upper floor was used for stained glass, creating a small canopy to protect it from the sun, wind, and precipitation. Shading the interior space, the canopy accentuates a promising, impressive look.

The architects planned the house so that the best panorama of this part of the forest could be seen from its windows.

Harmony of the house with panoramic views

When designing the cottage, the architects took into account the peculiarities of the local traditional building. These are wooden houses with features of rural buildings, which is typical for the project under consideration.

But at the same time, the classics of private Canadian housing construction were beaten in a modern manner, adding panoramic glazing, and creating a space with an ergonomic, spacious configuration.

Along with simplicity, all the conditions for a comfortable, elite life have been created here – an open-air pool, a sauna, a recreation area by the fireplace, and a terrace. The house has a spacious kitchen with a dining room, enough space for spending time with the family in the living room, and secluded view bedrooms.

All the main social areas are located at the top, and it is from there that the main panoramic view of the Charlevoix forest opens.

Only traditional materials were used in the construction – wood, metal, and glass. This brings the object to the environment. The forms are the simplest, corresponding to rural houses, and hangars in this region. Due to these features, a house with a panoramic view harmoniously fits into a picturesque area, merges into the landscape, and complements it.

ImagesStephane Brugger

Panoramic Two-Story House

Freedom-loving individuals, considering the construction of their own house, often wonder what panoramic two-story houses can be. Residential premises, which, thanks to panoramic glazing, provide maximum space for their residents, can give unusual sensations and spatial connection with the whole world.

The style of panoramic windows borrowed from French architects conquers the construction market and is used in the glazing of various buildings: apartments, private houses, offices, and industrial buildings. Panoramic windows look favorably in houses of any material: brick, reinforced concrete, wood, etc.

For any home, large windows provide adequate lighting and a great overview of the surrounding landscape. The presence of panoramic windows on the console floor offers special views of natural beauty.

Architectural solutions of a two-story panoramic house make it possible to create a unique and spacious dwelling from ordinary geometric shapes. Panoramic glazing of the first floor blurs the boundaries between the external and internal space, and visually pushes the boundaries of the house. When the second floor is completely glazed, it is important to provide curtains or blinds so that, if necessary, a secluded atmosphere can be created.

Panoramic windows of the original configuration will give even the simplest design a special charm and uniqueness. For houses of a small area, panoramic glazing will be a real find: the interior will seem more spacious, taller, and brighter.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, panoramic houses erected on a picturesque site allow you to enjoy beautiful views from anywhere in the building.

Sliding glass doors and solid glazing eliminate the boundaries between the environment and interior rooms. This feeling is enhanced by seamless tiles for the floor, wall decoration, and floor covering in front of the house. Terraces are connected to the main premises and through panoramic doors provide free access to the courtyard, garden pavilion, and pool.

Continuous glazing of the facade allows us to consider the pool as open and located inside the building. It all depends on the state of panoramic glass doors. Fully extended doors will allow you to swim in the open air, and closed doors will provide privacy and security to the pool.

The kitchen and dining area of the panoramic house are designed with the possibility of complete privacy. Restrained decoration materials in gray shades contribute to the atmosphere of privacy: polished concrete, stone floor, and pastel colors of furniture.

The non-standard design of the bathroom using panoramic glazing destroys all traditional views of the arrangement of such an intimate space. Spatial connection with the external environment, an open and bright room – this solution for a panoramic bathroom does not contradict the possibility of privacy.

If necessary, panoramic windows can be used to close the blinds and spend time in solitude and solitude.

When equipping panoramic windows, it is necessary to take into account many factors and choose the right materials. Regardless of what panoramic two-story houses are, the reliability, durability and safety of the building will be ensured by professional glazing design.

Architects Three Sixty Architecture

One-story panoramic house is a delight and luxury. This architectural idea is a modern and practical solution. Inside the building there will always be an abundance of light, the sun’s rays penetrate every corner of the living room, fill the bedroom with the warmth and add spaciousness to the kitchen. One-story modern house with panoramic windows is a wall with wallpaper in the form of trees swaying in the wind, beautiful sunrises, and snow-white clouds on autumn weekdays.

Panoramic windows do not have to be large-scale solid sheets of glass. The photo shows a creative and very nice idea: to divide the panoramic window with elegant black frames. Due to this architectural idea, the exterior of the building looks extraordinary and attracts attention. The flowers that fill the garden adjacent to the building contrast attractively with the basic shade of the walls and the framing of the glass.

Just imagine what a fantastic view will open from your home. Whatever room you are in, you will always feel as if in a fairy tale – this is one of the main reasons to build a one-story frame house with panoramic windows. Not a single wallpaper will be able to recreate the effect that is achieved through the installation of panoramic glasses. Living in such a monastery makes you feel every season, every weather condition. After all, when it rains, you can observe how the drops flow down the huge glasses and fill with peace.


One-story house with panoramic glazing does not need a balcony, where it is pleasant to drink coffee in the morning and enjoy the beautiful view. After waking up early in the morning and having breakfast right in bed, you will joyfully squint at the sun, which floods the room with its light, and watch how nature awakens. You will see all the details of the environment, from the dew on the white grass to the birds sitting on the trees near the house.

When choosing panoramic windows, you need to pay attention to the number of cameras. By “camera” is meant the air space between the panes. The standard version includes two glass sheets, but the three-glass version will be much more practical, since this will allow to keep the maximum heat in the house.

A spacious terrace with a comfortable sofa, a low glass table, and a minimalist design is the place where you want to spend most of the time on hot summer days. Here you can drink delicious cocktails and bask in the sun. Orange pillows, like bright dots in a black and white picture, diversify the overall design style. One-story house with panoramic windows and a terrace is a cozy corner, where it is nice to escape from city worries and fuss. It must certainly be located in the strong arms of nature, and be surrounded by coniferous trees and a green grass carpet.


Even if the house is quite small, then due to the glasses that replace the walls, everyone inside the building will have a feeling of lightness and freedom. Are you planning to design a house in dark colors, but are afraid that it will be uncomfortable to be in the room? In this case, the windows on the entire wall would be a great choice. Buy ebony furniture, order black panels for your interior walls, and enjoy the charm of your own home.

Do not hang curtains on panoramic windows, as this will ruin the whole effect of luxury. It is better to use light curtains.

Panoramic windows are also called French, as they came up with it in France. The inhabitants of this country, like no other, know how to enjoy life and with the help of such an architectural solution have increased their dose of pleasure. In a building with such glass structures, it is not necessary to look for a certain occupation, because every movement here turns into art. Such buildings look elegant, they are tastefully furnished.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the exterior of the building. Most often, such houses are surrounded by mountains or forest planting, since initially an attractive place was chosen for the construction of the house. However, a house with panoramic glazing does not have to be located in a picturesque area. After all, you can plan to create a beautiful garden around the perimeter of the territory around the building. Several lush chrysanthemums or several bushes of rich red roses will make the view from the building even more attractive.

When installing panoramic windows, you should immediately take care of privacy, complementing the design of blinds or curtains. The interior of the house with glass over the entire wall cannot be called commonplace, even if the design of the building is quite simple. If you want to have a beautiful and originally made cloister, then panoramic windows will be an excellent assistant in the realization of this desire.

Architects Feldman Architecture
Photo Paul Dyer

Minimalist Light House with Panoramic Facade

In modern architecture, the openness of the interior reaches a new level. The closer the contact between the outer and inner spaces, the more ergonomic, effective, and comfortable the housing becomes in the context of the current needs and requests of the residents. Architecture firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates has unveiled a super-light, open-air cottage that features a panoramic façade with a full-wall window.

Due to the large area of glazing from floor to ceiling, it was possible to integrate the interior with the adjacent territory as much as possible, to achieve a unification of the situation inside and outside. The outdoor swimming pool is in close contact with the living space. With the windows open, it joins the living room with a dining area. Residents receive a multifunctional, dynamic space at their disposal with the opportunity to relax on the sofa in front of the TV or on a sun lounger under the summer sun.

Maximum light and lightness in a house with a panoramic facade

Due to the use of glass according to the size of the front wall, it was possible to achieve the highest quality, natural insolation. The lighting inside the house is almost as good as the sunlight outside. And due to the light walls, and minimalistic design, we get rooms flooded with rays. At the same time, the panoramic facade with a window faces the southwest side, which guarantees a sufficient amount of light and a minimum of shadow throughout the day.

Architects and designers completed the interior, and landscape design in the same style. This made it possible to enhance the effect of attaching the interior to the local area. There is a feeling of unity in the site and living spaces. At the same time, green grass, and a blue pool create accents on the outside, and glossy glazing and dotted dark elements add them to the living areas.

The functionality of a panoramic facade with a window to fit the wall

A facade with full-wall panoramic glazing is not just a building envelope, but a multifunctional element that replaces a wall, window, or door. It can be opened to connect the terrace to the living space. The owners have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views from the first and second floors.

In architecture and landscape design, emphasis is placed on rationality. Simple rectangular shapes prevail here, there is no decor. The territory and space are strictly divided into functional zones. At the same time, there is a smooth transition from technological housing with modern furniture, and appliances, to the natural environment. The transitional link between these volumes is a swimming pool with a terrace.

The steep, dynamic panoramic façade with wall-to-wall windows adds ultra-modernity to the home. The cottage looks futuristic, but at the same time, it is light, cozy, and comfortable.

ArchitectsShinichi Ogawa & Associates
ImagesKoji Fujii / TOREAL