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2 Floor Interior Design in White / Features of Modern Style

The design of a 2-storey interior in white with a light monotonous finish, furniture is spectacular, visual lightness, spaciousness. Such tones in a minimalistic setting create a special charm, make it cozy and expensive. It is fashionable and beautiful.

modern white house interior

But in order for the housing to look complete, not boring, the effect of emptiness or being in a municipal building is not created, the following rules should be followed.

Use contrasts / interior white

A minimalist white interior loves inclusions in the form of dark or bright designs, furnishings, furniture. This allows not only to dilute the atmosphere, revive it, but also to highlight original forms, fashionable solutions.

white cottage interiors

One of the main elements in the design of the 2-storey interior in white is a spiral staircase. A structure in the same tone as the trim would blend in with the interior and remain less visible. Contrasting steps to match the floor color set it apart from the monotonous design.

Apply accents to decoration and furniture / white interior house

The expressive floor, in turn, provides a visual representation of the space. It is due to him that we clearly see the shape and size of the rooms. From above, light and gray reinforced concrete beams were used to frame and visualize the space.

best interior white paint color

The wood-effect table on a matte black support becomes the focal point of the dining area. You can immediately see which element is the main one here. Greenery in flowerpots revives the atmosphere. Bright green plants are contrasting and clearly visible against a white background.

Be attentive to detail / white home interiors

A light monotonous interior for a designer becomes a blank sheet on which you can draw anything you want. Therefore, each contrasting line in the design of a 2-storey interior in white is thought out with special care.

white room interior

It is these expressive structures that create the mood here – they are the drawing that the residents see. And since the space is designed in minimalism, their number should be very small, but the role is maximal. Even a small touch here can ruin everything, or vice versa, dictate the atmosphere.

white interior living room

If in a saturated environment contrasting elements are not so noticeable. Then in this minimalistic design of a 2-storey interior in white, we notice everything that differs from the main tone, which means that the designers have not in vain paid maximum attention to details.

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