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2-Storey Private House – 280 m² Innovative modern solutions and architectural heritage of the last century

Modern architectural solutions do not cease to amaze with their creativity and novelty, and, as a vivid confirmation of this, a two-story private house appears in the eastern part of Lisbon. Due to the unusual design, panoramic view of the boulevard with white and black poplars, this single-family house has become a real attraction of the whole area.

2 Storey Private House
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The concept of the project of the so-called “house in Lisbon” consisted in the need to reconstruct an old building built in the middle of the 20th century. A small living area and insufficient lighting of the interior have become the main reason for the completion and improvement of the cottage.

The old building was located in the backyard, while the walls and roof of the building remained intact. The curved finished facade of the house expanded the living space and filled the rooms with sunlight and warmth due to panoramic glazing.

The flat roof of the new original facade is aligned with the roof of a pre-existing building. This creates a contrast between traditional and modern architectural solutions, giving the house a new sound. The severity and purity of the lines are striking in the novelty of architectural thought and its impeccable embodiment in glass and concrete.

The snow-white facade of a two-story private house and the fencing of the site, made in the same style, are complemented by a contrasting green lawn and pool. Both floors of the building offer wonderful views of the nearby street and relaxation area by the pool.

Against the background of the blue pool, the snow-white facade looks pristine clean and soft. The building is striking in the eyes of the hill and children’s spontaneity. Spacious enough inside, outside the house looks compact, unusual and creative.

The spatial novelty and cleanliness of the facade cross the threshold of the building, giving the interior rooms freshness and spaciousness. The interior, designed in bright colors in a single stylistic solution with the external appearance of the building, looks sensually liberated. The simplicity of the lines and the white-gray palette of the interior interspersed with wooden elements create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house. Thanks to light tones and natural light, the expanded interior space looks even more spacious and lighter.

There are many building techniques to increase the usable area of an old house. On the example of a two-story residential building in Lisbon, one of the architectural solutions is considered: an extension from the front. To correctly calculate the load on the soil during the completion of the premises, especially on inclined areas, you should contact professional designers.

Architects Bruno Camara Arquitectos
Photo José Ventura