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3+ Best Modern Straight Staircase Ideas

Staircase decoration in the house is one of the key elements in the design of the entire space. Straight structures look especially impressive, expensive and presentable, therefore, if possible, they are installed even in small houses, where it would still be more rational to use a screw shape. In this regard, the architects offer the most daring, creative and mesmerizing ideas of a straight staircase for houses of even a small area.

Keep in mind that a staircase has always been not just a structure for connecting floors in a house, but also a central element of home design.

Idea of a straight hovering staircase

This is a fashionable solution for minimalism, loft, hi-tech. The staircase consists of steps mounted on one side into the wall. On the opposite side, the structure is completely open and gives the impression of being suspended in the air.

This option looks laconic, fashionable and stylish. At the same time, it does not need as much space under it as under traditional steps with handrails. It is also the most cost effective solution.

But remember safety. It is not always worth installing such a ladder if there are children, elderly people in the house – it may be inconvenient for them. In this case, install a fence of the type shown in the photo or consider the following options.

Modern staircase idea with lighting

The next modern trend is the use of step illumination. It is not only beautiful and stylish, but also convenient when you need to go up to the second floor, or go down in low light. The steps are highlighted and remain visible.

It is also possible to install lighting not in the staircase itself, but in the wall next to it. The light strip is a modern, technological design element for zoning space, accents. With motion sensors, the backlight will turn on automatically when someone approaches the steps.

Idea of a minimalistic straight staircase

The trend in modern interior design is conciseness, restraint and practicality. A staircase in such an environment must fully comply with these qualities. Even if handrails are needed on it, then if in the classics they make home decoration from them, here they should be as invisible as possible.

In the minimalistic idea of a straight staircase, you can use impact-resistant glass or install light, inconspicuous steel structures, integrate the handrail with other interior elements. They will not draw the emphasis on themselves, they will not spoil the severity and restraint of the interior.