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3+ Ideas for How to Furnish the Interior of a One-Story Stone House

Architectural bureau GRX Arquitectos presented a stylish project of a house made of natural stone. The cottage is located in the Spanish municipality of Puebla de Don Fadrique. Along with the unusual exterior, the interior of a one-story stone house remains no less interesting. The architects have achieved a close connection between the interior space and the natural environment, followed modern trends in housing design, and made it environmentally friendly.

Let us consider the techniques for decorating the interior of a one-story stone house in more detail, which helped to achieve maximum harmony of space with the environment and make it comfortable in a modern way.

emphasis on the naturalness of materials in the interior

The house is surrounded by a natural landscape, and its exterior is made of natural materials to match the area. The ideal option in this case, according to the architects, was the continuation of such a concept inside – it was decided to equip the interior of a one-story house made of stone using natural materials.

The surfaces are partly finished with clapboard, partly – they repeat the stone texture and are plastered. To emphasize environmental friendliness, there was a place in the house for a niche with firewood for a fireplace, natural wood furniture was installed. The palette repeats the tones of the Spanish landscape.

close contact of the interior with the surrounding area

To harmoniously beat the eco-friendly interior of a one-story house made of stone with the surrounding nature, the line between the interior space and the adjacent territory is practically removed. This was achieved by continuous glazing of the facade from the side of the living room. It seems that the atmosphere at home is a continuation of the surrounding nature. The connecting link between housing and the landscape was the courtyard. It provides a smooth connection between private space and the surrounding area.

At the same time, private rooms have been made quite confidential. They have traditional windows, and they are not so open to the outside world. Thanks to this, the owners can always relax in seclusion in a quiet, comfortable living space.

high-quality natural lighting in the interior

The most beneficial modern environmentally friendly environment in minimalism and natural colors looks in daylight. The architects have thought over the window openings and the architecture of the building to guarantee high-quality insolation throughout the day without the use of lamps. A canopy above the panoramic window partially limits excessive direct rays entering the house. And so that the space is not dark, windows are also provided along the perimeter. As a result, the spacious living space is illuminated relatively evenly.

The interior of the one-storey stone house is integrated with the outside. At the same time, it creates an optimal line between privacy and confidentiality of space. It is trendy, sustainable and in keeping with contemporary styles.

ArchitectsGRX Arquitectos
PhotoJavier Callejas + Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)