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3 Important Principles of Comfortable Interior!

Surely, each of us has our own criteria when evaluating a particular space. But there are general concepts that do not depend on taste preferences, they are automatically pleasant for perception. This happens on an intuitive level, and here are 3 basic principles of the interior, in which we are comfortable.

1. The first and important principle is a sufficient amount of natural light.

There are people who prefer to live as in captivity, hang all the windows, and not see the light of white, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Most of us are much more comfortable in the interior with a lot of natural light, it is subconsciously pleasant to us, because we are close to everything that is created by nature.

2. An equally important factor is the layout and location of furniture.

What kind of comfort can we talk about when the toe of the left foot constantly clings to the leg of the sofa ?! It is important to avoid sharp corners, cluttered passages, it is important that the location of the furniture would tell us a convenient way, and not hinder it.

3. We must not forget about the harmony of color combinations in the interior

Color is exactly what sets character and mood to space. Color games can be extremely addictive and extremely dangerous. It is recommended to use no more than 3 primary colors in the interior design, one of which should be more calm, background, then the other two will be accent.

The main secret of the space in which we feel comfortable is balance. If we use complex ambiguous forms and textures, the environment should be calm. In this case, it will serve as a background, frame, complement and emphasize. This is the right approach that will work anytime, anywhere!