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3 Modern Loft Ideas

Loft is a conceptual and unpredictable direction of interior design. Housing in this style is distinguished by expressive features of industrialization, and sometimes it looks more like an abandoned warehouse, industrial premises. But along with this, home comfort and manufacturability should be traced here. Consider 3 modern loft ideas that transform an apartment into a creative living space.

These techniques should be present in almost any housing designed in this ultra-modern direction.

Metal structures at the heart of modern loft ideas

One of the fundamental techniques for arranging space is rudeness. There are no “plush”, delicate decorative elements. Everything is arranged strictly, functionally, and the emphasis is on the strength and practicality of the components of the house.

Many of these elements are open metal structures. I-beams in such a space are considered decoration. Simple, welded steel racks, metal stairs against a background of bare brickwork – this is a must-have for brutal style.

They soften all this with natural wood and a small amount of comfortable, low furniture.

Openness of space is another modern loft idea

Accommodation should be spacious and open in all plans. This means a minimum of interior partitions, no low ceilings, the concept of open zoning. The room is divided into functional areas only visually, without clear boundaries.

To emphasize this idea of a loft, the roof rafter system is often not closed, but left in plain sight, and even emphasized on it. At the same time, the space should be light. Therefore, large, tall windows are added to the openness. With their lack, glazing is made in the roof, as in the presented project.

Balance the rough finish as a modern loft idea

In a loft, it is customary to see unplastered walls, wooden, metal structures, beams, wiring, pipes, ventilation. But it’s important to strike a balance. Too many bricks, concrete floors, crossbars will deprive the home of comfort and coziness.

Next to the rough materials, there should be expensive laminate flooring, high-quality painted walls, well-thought-out designer lighting, a functional, stylish kitchen.

It is enough to use just 3 of these modern loft ideas to transform even the most mediocre apartment into a cool, unusual living space with amazing solutions. Do not rush to differentiate the layout and sew up structures – each of them can become a highlight of housing design.

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