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3+ Ways to Use Decorative Wooden Slats in the Interior

Wooden slats in the interior of a modern apartment are a fashionable, practical and safe solution with an emphasis on simplicity and environmental friendliness. Architectural bureau Built architecture showed several ways of using pine lamellas in housing design at the same time on the example of a project in Barcelona (Spain).

The designer experimented with wood products, using them as functional and decorative furnishings.

Space zoning / interior wood slat wall

With the help of a partition made of wooden slats in the interior of the living room, it turned out to be practical to separate the different functional areas of the room. Mainly, the structure performs an aesthetic function, visually delimiting the space and complementing the environmentally friendly environment.

The partition lamellas are installed at a distance from each other. Due to this, the designer has achieved a special effect from the design. Despite the fact that it actually divides space, light passes through it. The partition looks light and simple. The area behind the structure becomes more private, but at the same time, it still remains part of the common room.

Surface finishing / wood slat interior wall

Pine wood slats are used on the ceiling and walls in the interior of the apartment. Light pine creates a special, cozy home atmosphere. The ribbed surface with lines along the entire length of the room helps to advantageously beat the space, visually lengthen it.

This finish is in harmony with the wooden parquet floor, simple furniture, shelving. She goes with trendy settings in light, neutral colors with an emphasis on straightforwardness. Wooden slats complement and enliven the minimalist, Scandinavian interior. In some places, the trim from the slats was used in a sufficient dose, only to emphasize the unity of style throughout the apartment. In other rooms, wood was used everywhere, achieving a special environmentally friendly environment.

Furniture design / interior wood slats

Pine slats are also used in furniture assembly. They are used to make practical, durable, eco-friendly structures that are in harmony with the original interior. Here we see wooden slats in the interior of the kitchen. They were used on the facade of the headset. Slats were also used to decorate a niche in the wall at the head of the bed in the bedroom, they were used to construct a small bench in the hallway.

Wooden slats in the interior are widely used as decorative elements. It is a comfortable, warm and effective finishing material for walls and ceilings. Lamellas can be used to create individual structures, partitions, or used in furniture assembly. The area of application in home decoration is almost limitless – if only there was enough imagination.

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