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4 Reasons to Choose a Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

Traditionally, the second light in a two-story house is perceived solely as an aesthetic element. Due to it, it is possible to visually expand the space, make the room open, and the facade is beautiful. But as an example, consider that with the successful implementation of the project of a two-story house with a second light, such an architectural element also acts as an important functional attribute.

4 reasons why a two-story house with a second light is no longer a classic, but an architectural technique for innovative solutions.


Most often, the second light is made in the common rooms of the house – the living room, front door, hall, dining room. This is due to the fact that a high ceiling looks harmonious with a large quadrature. But modern engineering solutions make it possible to move away from the stereotype. Due to the large amount of glass, even a compact room with a high ceiling looks bright, light and spacious.

A two-story house with a second light does not necessarily require a large square. Architects and designers have learned equally well and it is useful to use space both horizontally and vertically. Niches, built-in appliances, shelves at the level of the cornice of the first floor. Here, it is possible to use every centimeter of space as rationally as possible. Competent lighting, the play of textures and materials allows you to visually distinguish between living space.


Panoramic view is a trend of modern luxury housing. Due to the large area of glazing, the windows of the second light offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. Therefore, such an architectural technique is especially relevant in houses in a picturesque area. To achieve maximum effect, the second light should be located on the side of a beautiful landscape – forest, mountains, pond. If this type is not there, an alternative could be a landscaped garden plot designed according to the landscape design.

In the presented version of a two-story house, just an alternative way was used to create a spectacular view from the windows. It did not take a lot of space. A compact urban courtyard with a fairly large amount of greenery looks stylish, cozy and environmentally friendly.


Modern projects of two-story houses with a second light depart from another stereotype – the shape of a room with a high ceiling does not have to be square. Due to the panoramic glazing in two tiers, the room remains bright and easy to perceive even if it is elongated, has an irregular shape and sharp corners.

A two-storey house with a second light allows you to realize a sloping ceiling according to the attic principle, without prejudice to the useful space of the lower floor. This technique will not harm the functionality of the room, unlike traditional mansard ceilings, under which it is often even inconvenient to stand to the full height, not to mention the installation of furniture and appliances. This modern layout of a two-story house with a second light with a non-standard configuration shows how useful it is to use the entire perimeter of the housing.


One of the main tasks that the second light performs is the highest quality natural lighting. The panoramic glazing of a two-story-high room has a positive effect on the emotional background of the living space. Each corner, even with a non-standard layout, will remain bright throughout the day without artificial lighting.

Thus, a modern two-story house with a second light is associated not only with beauty, wealth and pomposity, but first of all with efficiency and functionality. Panoramic glazing in a two-light room is a large amount of light and impressive views, and ceilings 5-7 meters high not only give the house uniqueness and solidity, but also make it possible to realize exclusive design ideas.

To apply this architectural element in a modern house, it does not have to be large. It is enough to correctly think over the glazing, lighting and the configuration of the rooms.

Architects Julio Zegers Arquitectos
Photo Marcos Zegers


The simple but original roof construction solution in this Japanese home is impressive at a glance. The roof seems to soar above the house. A large area of glazing creates and the second light creates a unique atmosphere in the interior.

The openness of the internal space and the use of natural materials in the decoration of the facade and interior of the house give maximum comfort and originality to this house. But the main role is played of course by the bright and original design of the gable roof – hanging in the air.

Architects SAI Architectural Design Office
Photo Norihito Yamauchi