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Cool Roof Top

Many architects reconstruct old buildings with additional superstructures. This may be the extension of the residential part of the building, the construction of the attic, or the construction of the second floor. There are a lot of variations, and each should fulfill a functional purpose and economic feasibility. The Chinese can surprise the world with their magnificent architecture. So the next reconstruction of the old courtyard surprised with semantic content. This is not just a rooftop add-on, but a call for renewal in Beijing.

Architects, first of all, try to expand the useful space by creating additional space. For example, in this case, the add-in serves as an office. And the second factor is the promotion of national culture and the desire to renew the city. The architectural studio MAD has shown that with a simple artistic design, a cluttered courtyard of historical significance can be completely transformed.

The mysterious aura is created by metal structures in the form of bubbles with brickwork inside. The roof art sculpture is made in an oblong form connecting the first and second floors. The organization of space allows you to arrange a full terrace and work area. The second decorative sculpture resembles a celestial body that has landed on the roof. To add a superstructure above the roof to the historical architecture of the area, its surface is smooth.

Thus, buildings, trees, alleys, and courtyards are reflected on the surface.

Art “bubbles” are the link between the new development and ancient values of the capital of China. It displays the whole life of Beijing, the city bustle, environment, and flows of people. The MAD project retained the true aesthetics of Chinese construction with its features of expressing lines, shapes, and non-standard solutions.

Chinese writer Lao Sheh said: “The beauty of old Beijing in the crevices and voids between the buildings.”

Owners of private houses or other buildings are constantly trying to improve the exterior. In Europe, at the peak of popularity is the superstructure over the roof in the form of an attic. Americans prefer to create projects with an exploited roof or continue to increase the space up, adding floors. Chinese ideas are extraordinary and unusual in design.

Made superstructure on the roof of a metal mirror shell carries symbolic significance. Thus, the founder of the architectural studio MAD calls for refreshing the life of traditional Chinese Hutongs. Revitalizing society, reviving new cells, construction is designed to create a new architectural culture.

When planning add-ons, you should consider the features of buildings. Not always roofing allows additional construction work to expand the area of the building. To this end, projects should be coordinated with the appropriate licensing authorities. And of course, the superstructure should be not only a practical necessity but an aesthetic filling.

Mirror bubbles on the Chinese Hutongs have become a fresh breath of air in the grayness and smoke of the Beijing region. A correctly designed area for a study has become a way to restore an old building and create a stylish exterior the facade.

Architects MAD Architects
Photo Fangfang Tian