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All white Interior and Exterior house | Combination of virgin purity

The successful design of the house in white allows the building to look among the greenery a clean corner of family comfort.


Site planning will capitalize on the topography of the landscape with the existing grove of oaks and pines. The natural elevation preserved by the architects effortlessly fit into the construction ensemble. The decision of the team of architects to use white tiles as the roofing material enhances the solidity and unity of the building. All external walls and internal partitions are made of blocks of the same white color.

white contemporary house

The asymmetric arrangement of the windows on the first and second floors and the unusual configuration of the roof dilute the rectangular shape of the house. The sloping roof gives the room originality and non-standard. Orientation of the slope of the roof to the south and the use of glazed dormers provides the attic with an abundance of sunlight.

Maximum glazing curtain walls visually connects the living space with a green park area. The natural hilly landscape is an element of organic architecture when designing a house in white.


Using white has many advantages:

  • creates an elegant and light interior;
  • visually expands the space;
  • white shades are appropriate in any style;
  • Accustoms to order and cleanliness.

On a note! White color can serve as a unifying factor in the interior. If you decide to use several bright colors in the arrangement of the room, then white shades should prevail in the palette. This balances the catchy colors in the interior.

white interior house

Internal zoning divides the space into a common area and additional rooms. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and storage rooms. The window frames, parquet floors and terraces are made of oak. This design decision, together with the black color of the furniture, serves as a contrasting color spot in the interior.

modern white house interior

white interior apartment

In rooms with an abundance of white, they unconsciously breathe more freely and evenly. On the other hand, white can be tiring, so in this case it is shaded by wooden elements and a green landscape in the yard.

white home interior

white themed house interior

White color in the interior of small rooms visually increases the space, and makes the room light and bright. Light, reflected from light surfaces of walls and furniture, visually makes the room more spacious. To divide the rooms in white into zones, partitions from original furniture are used.

all white home interior

white minimalist apartment

The kitchen, made in a white palette, is striking in its unusualness. There can be no mess and dirty dishes: the cleanliness of the design calls for impeccable order. Small contrasting impregnations are household kitchen appliances.

minimalist white house

home interior white

Design of houses in white suit most adherents of purity, light, space and order.

white modern house interior

house interior white

Attic is a large room, the sunlit. Roof windows show the green crown of centuries-old oaks. This rooftop patio provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the treetops.

house with white interior

white minimalist house

The asymmetric arrangement of the sloping roof creates an unusual room configuration with a trapezoidal partition. Blotches of furniture of bright colors among this dominance of light and whiteness create a playful and cheerful mood.

Architects Christian Stock HGA Henning Grahn Architektur Marc Flick Architekt BDA
Area317.0 m2
Photo David Schreyer