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17+ Amazing Stucco Ideas For Front Of House

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Decorative stucco molding on the facade is a versatile solution that allows you to individualize the appearance of a house and add originality to it. It can be straightforward and austere, or patterned and delicate, giving the building charm and sophistication. The fanciful ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house turn even a nondescript, modest cottage into a real creation of architecture.

stucco ideas for front of house

The amount of this decor can be minimal – it is not necessary to strive for an abundance of patterns and shapes. Even simple window frames and expressive cornice add completeness, aesthetics and neatness to the building.

Attractive laconic ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house

It’s amazing how simple and delicate lines on the façade transform an ordinary house into a classic estate. It is enough to select the openings and frame the structures along the contour, draw the line separating the first and second floors, and contrast the pediment.

The result of such a simple and unobtrusive decor strikingly transforms the cottage, adds sophistication and high cost to it. If arched structures are also present here, the effect is enhanced by the dynamics of straight and curved lines. The decor becomes the first thing that pays attention to in such a house.

Impressive rich decor in stucco ideas for front of house

Massive, patterned, swirling decor with pronounced floristry is suitable for large, dimensional houses. Such decoration of the building gives it the charm of a real palace.

Exclusive patterns over windows, doors, and richly patterned rosettes are eye-catching. The facade wall turns into an object of art. You need to be a real artist to create such a creation and achieve harmony in every element.

The rich ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house reflect the high status of home ownership, emphasizing its belonging to the segment of luxury housing with exclusive design. Accordingly, the cottage itself, the style and design of the site must meet high criteria.

It is worth applying the ideas of stucco molding for the facade of a house in a laconic design or implementing a rich pretentious decor, taking into account the appearance, size and configuration of the house. It is important to achieve balance here and not to overplay the decoration. Several examples presented show the relevance of using one or another option on cottages of different classes.

Simple Stucco Ideas For House Facade

In the era of the popularization of minimalism, it has become easier to achieve the originality and showiness of a classic house. Now there is no need to chase pretentious patterns, massive decor. Fashionable and effective ideas of stucco molding for the facade of the house imply a simple, laconic pattern and light, unobtrusive lines.

It is enough to harmoniously and neatly frame the entrance, windows, make a simple but expressive cornice under the roof, between floors. As a result, the cottage acquires clear features of the classics, looks stylish, fashionable and sophisticated.

Minimalist Stucco Ideas For House Facade

The easiest but most effective way to add individuality to the house, to emphasize the refined taste of the owner, is to make simple stucco structures on doors and windows without massive and detailed patterns.

White frames, cornices, simple classic pilasters without massive capitals and brackets will become an elegant decoration of the building. Such an idea of stucco molding for the facade of the house looks fashionable and modern.

Do not overload the appearance of the building with patterns – you can completely abandon them. Straight contrasting lines are enough. To make the house look finished, and the stucco to look harmonious, you can make rustic stones at the corners.

Sophisticated Stucco Ideas For Home Facade

If you still want to add high cost, charm and originality to the cottage, you can use some stucco patterns. Simple curls over windows, doors, in the pediment, austere locks and a light cornice pattern will add elegance to the building.

Such a house will truly reflect the classic motives, the traditional views of the owner on architecture and design. This is a discreet way to demonstrate the conservatism of housing.

In this case, as a rule, the classics should be traced in the interior as well. This is necessary so that the stucco molding on the facade has a logical explanation. Note that minimalist stucco decor without patterns could be successfully combined with modern, stylish trends in home decoration in the same Scandinavian style or even hi-tech.

Therefore, it is also necessary to decide on the idea of stucco molding for the facade of the house taking into account what you want to do inside – pretentious, restrained classics, or a spectacular, fashionable interior in a trendy direction. Also keep in mind that it is important to play a sophisticated stucco pattern with floral motives in landscape design. The decoration of the local area should be traditional and equally sophisticated.