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Annex Terraces to the House ➦ Interesting home extension in Los Angeles

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Not everyone is given a chance to build a house from scratch. If you are the owner of a small plot, albeit with, and not quite a new home, this is a tangible bonus. Such a framework will make it possible to realize many ideas. Thanks to a competent approach, the building will significantly change. Changes will positively affect the facade. Displayed on the functionality of the entire room.

extension of the terrace to the house photo

Pay attention to the house shown in the photo. Experienced architects worked on improving the project. The project involves the complete reconstruction and expansion of a 1920s bungalow on an incline plot in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. The building has a unique flavor that keeps the original note without losing it against the background of modernity.


The plot is small. Each square meter clearly performs a specific task. Plantings of live plants are provided. These are bushes, flowers, trees. A fence separates home ownership from neighbors by adjusting the boundaries of space. The plot gives the impression of some kind of incompleteness. But, if you start some kind of restructuring, it usually pushes for new changes in almost every zone. It is possible that the owners of the house have not yet found their style. Or maybe they just started developing it.

The area was able to increase not only visually. The space of the house itself has been expanded. A steel frame is added on its back. It separates the house and the garden, protecting the facade from the midday sun in the warm season.


The interior is eye-catching. There is a central staircase with a distinct profile, openly connecting the upper and lower levels.

The new mesh structure (painted blue) and the existing bungalow (decorated with siding and windows in brownish pink) create a strong contrast. They compare two different points in time: each with its own constructive logic, material, and color code. Four of the six cubic squares of this add-on are covered terraces, and two are interior rooms built into the kitchen area (lower level) and the master bedroom (upper level).


Before organizing an extension to the house, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

  • The first step for building a terrace is to draw up a plan. The specialist will help to draw up the drawing and this will greatly facilitate the subsequent stages of work.
  • It is important to obtain documents confirming the possibility of construction. This is an official permission. The extension affects the redevelopment of the house and should be mentioned in its documents.
  • The extension of the terrace to the house implies a separate foundation. This is necessary to evenly distribute the weight of the object. If you do without a foundation, over time, the house and the porch will move towards each other. As a result, the process of wear and tear will begin.
  • The foundation of the terrace should have attachment points to the foundation of the main building.
  • The side porch has much less stability than the porch surrounding the facade.
  • It is important to select materials for the construction of the terrace. It is appropriate to process them with special tools. It is important to calculate financial costs. Realistically evaluate your budget.
  • Plan how the door will be installed to enter the veranda.
  • The extension itself will look. Design should be in harmony with the house. But no one canceled the experiments.
  • Before construction work, you need to clean the site in advance. This will save time in the future. Allows you to act constructively, clearly.


Terraces are open and closed. Build them from different materials. Wood, brick, concrete, or a combination of several varieties of building materials.

Closed verandas are not suitable for installation from the front door. This room is perfect for privacy. It is comfortable to conduct conversations in a close circle.

The veranda for use in winter should be warm. You should take care of warming in advance. A lot of light should come into such a veranda, lightness and freedom of space should be felt. Glazing should be beautiful and reliable. Rationally hang the curtains, which at any time can be lowered.

Outdoor terraces are simple buildings. To build them really with a minimum of effort and materials. Get the original zone. She will not cause indifference among all family members. Here you can safely be in any weather, spending interesting leisure time. It seems to be in the yard, fresh air, and at the same time, and a reliable cover that protects from external factors.

Really build a beautiful terrace with your own hands. Yes, there are some difficulties and nuances here. However, the sensitive guidance and support of professionals are indispensable. If you perform all the steps yourself, errors and loss of time are not ruled out. The right decision is to contact the person who is in the subject.

Advice! Choosing furniture and decor for the terrace, do not overdo it. Use functional items. Be sure to put furniture. Of course, the veranda should be decorated and let it be something cute, pleasant to the eyes. But, there should not be too many decorative elements. It clutters the space. And do not forget about living plants. They will help set the right mood.

Area220.0 m2