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Barn Style One Story House without Attic / Avatar Home

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A one-story, loft-style barn house surrounded by wilderness has become a refuge from the noisy, dirty city. There is only freedom, clean air, incredible views and an atmosphere of complete bliss.

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It was not in vain that the architectural bureau Devyni Architektai chose the barn style for the construction of the cottage, and applied a special configuration of the interior space.

These chips helped enhance the effect of being cut off and away from the depressing bustle of concrete and asphalt.

Minimal impact on nature

It was important to preserve the atmosphere of the wild so that it literally penetrates into the house. Therefore, it was built with the least impact on the environment. The building was erected from natural wood and stylized as a small agricultural building.

In such an environment, it will turn out to be distracted, to reconsider values, to feel the pristine beauty and to listen to nature.

Several one-story houses were built on the site at once so that they had a minimal effect on the landscape. The emphasis here remains with nature, it dictates the rules and emphasizes its importance.

Here you understand in what comfort and harmony one could live if a person did not show his dominance on the planet. A sculpture in the shape of the Earth is placed near the house, which will make everyone think about it.

Instead of green lush forests, lakes, rivers, clear skies, we can get a rusty ball. Here, the architecture is thought out with all respect for nature – it should be the basis for us.

Freedom and space

The one-storey house is designed without an attic, although it has a gable roof. Due to this, it is filled with clean air, the space inside does not press.

Open facades and integration with the environment make it possible not to hide from natural beauties, but literally immerse in them, even when you are in your living room or bedroom.

The decision to split the cottage into several separate houses played in favor of the feeling of freedom. Residents do not hide in a box where they have everything for life at once – like in a city. They are constantly in contact with fresh air, nature.

Each one-storey house without an attic presented on the site is a free, air-filled space, created with respect for the forest, lakes, meadows around them. The architects emphasized here that man and nature should exist side by side, and not stand in front of each other.

ArchitectsDevyni Architektai
PhotoLeonas Garbaciauskas