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5+ Receptions in Construction for Beautiful 2 Storey House

The SAOTA architectural bureau presented another project of an ultramodern beautiful two-story house in a minimalist style with an emphasis on hi-tech. A spacious mansion in Canada has become a benchmark for the implementation of fashionable, trendy ideas of architects and designers.

The 5 basic techniques used in this project have become fundamental in the construction of a building in a modern style.

open glass facades

Externally, a beautiful two-story house is a glass shell of a comfortable, ergonomic living space. Stained-glass floor glazing is made in both social and private rooms, ensuring the ease and effect of the building.

The space seems almost attached to the wildlife around. To ensure the confidentiality of housing in the interior used dense plain curtains.

local area and living space as a whole

Architects closely integrated the adjoining recreation areas with a pool and internal living space. There are practically no strict boundaries between housing and terraces. It gives a feeling of freedom, openness and spaciousness.

The interior space smoothly passes into a covered terrace in the fresh air, then there is an open terrace, and then a swimming pool. All this is framed in a single minimalist style and one palette. Visually, social spaces in a beautiful two-story house practically merge with the adjacent recreation area.

straightforwardness and ease of construction

None of the elements of this beautiful two-story house is made just for the sake of aesthetics – each part of it has a functional purpose. All designs are distinguished by straight lines, lack of decor, made in neutral colors, in harmony with nature.

With scale, the building is devoid of massiveness – it does not clutter the site. The effect of open living space is created, surrounded by forests and meadows.

freedom inside the house

Functional areas inside the house do not have clear boundaries. Basically, they are visually separated from each other with the help of finishing materials, furniture light, and the walls here are at least.

This layout allows you to maximize the potential of panoramic structures that enclose the house. The building remains spacious, bright and attached to the environment both inside and out.

game of contrast and textures

The most important technique, due to which the two-story house looks beautiful, was the combination of matte, glossy surfaces, light and dark colors. All accent designs stand out not only due to the shape and lines, but also the tone, texture of the surfaces. Moreover, architects used shades and materials that are in harmony with wildlife.

To build a beautiful two-story house in a modern style according to the principles of the SAOTA architectural bureau, you should use as much glass as possible, not hide the living space behind stone or brick walls. The external space must be designed as if it were also part of the living space, it just continues in the open air. The house should be ultramodern, but at the same time merge with wildlife.

PhotoAdam Letch