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Extraordinary Ideas for a Beautiful Double Storey Cube House

An expressive and strict modern cottage in a trendy graphite color is located on a picturesque slope surrounded by century-old sequoias. From the side of the panoramic glazing, the building, like a portal, bursts into the wild, into a peaceful, majestic landscape. And when viewed from the other side, the idea of ​​a beautiful double-storey house is to harmoniously introduce the object into the environment with minimal impact on it.

This is a cottage that combines a lot of contrasting solutions. The privacy and seclusion of the bedrooms change dramatically to the openness of social areas. In the living room, due to the second light at the panoramic window, the ceiling practically falls out of sight. Therefore, we find ourselves in front of a majestic view, as if in the palm of your hand.

The game of contrasts in the idea of a beautiful double story house in the middle of the forest

The outer charred frame hides inside a soft, light environment lined with wood in a light beige hue. But the contrasts in this project are not just limited to color. Here we observe a sharp change in openness and privacy, rigor and comfort. Such ideas of a beautiful two-story house emphasize its originality and singularity.

The building has panoramic glazing from the side of the most beautiful view. At the same time, the structure remains completely private from the access road. Immediately outside the front door, we notice a sharp change from the austere facade to a cozy environment, and then we find ourselves on an open-air patio.

And if outside the house the main characteristic of the landscape can be considered its majesty, then seclusion becomes the main feature of the patio. Here you can feel completely safe and protected. Visual contact with the outside world is minimal, although you are outdoors.

The functionality of the roof of a beautiful double story house

The next unusual solution in the project was a parabolic roof, which slopes inward to the patio, and not, as we are used to seeing, outward. This configuration ensures the efficient collection of water for watering plants on the patio.

In addition, due to the inward inclination, the external structures are not hidden under the eaves but are maximally open to natural light. Amid tall sequoias, this is extremely important, since the dosing of the sun’s rays occurs at the expense of the tops of the trees. Therefore, protection from the sun on the building itself is simply not needed.

The main ideas of a beautiful double storey house in the middle of redwoods were the play of contrasts, unusual shapes and designs. In addition, the expressive color of the facade to match the tone of charred wood turned out to be important. Due to this, the building simultaneously attracts attention and harmoniously takes root in a dark forest environment. Thanks to the quality access to sunlight and the openness of the facade from the east, the dwelling receives enough daylight to maintain a comfortable, pleasant environment.

ArchitectsAtelier Jorgensen
ImagesDouglas Friedman Joe Fletcher