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Beautiful Double Storey Facade / 165 House

For a complete outdoor recreation from the bustle of the city, the picturesque area and the beautiful facade of a two-story house with comfortable interior are enough.

architectural solutions of a beautiful exterior with elements of monumentalism

Spacious two floor house located on the sea coast on top of a plateau with steep slopes. Given the humid climate with a high content of salts in the air, the main finishing material for the external walls was pine, which, due to its resinous structure, is resistant to high humidity and decay.

The entire architectural complex looks reliable, stable and protected from any encroachment on the tranquility of residents. The concrete foundation building, along with its direct purpose, protects the outdoor recreation area from the north wind and creates a convenient check-in and parking place for vehicles.

Massive beams of the upper floor, located in strict geometric sequence, repeat the structure of bridges of the last century. This technique allows you to give reliability and constructive purity to the entire construction ensemble.

Clear lines of the beautiful facade of a two-story house are repeated in the planning of the site. Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows reflect the blue waters of a rectangular pool. A strict order and structure is visible in all decisions of the landscape designer, so that the unity of the external environment and the living room serve to maximize the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the house.

combination of openness and security of interior

The beautiful facade of a two-story house dictates its requirements for the equipment of the internal space. Interior solutions should create such a spectacular arrangement of rooms, as well as the exterior of the house. This is achieved by using natural materials for interior decoration and furniture manufacturing.

Panoramic windows and sliding doors provide access to the green lawn in front of the house and to the pool from any room on the ground floor. The abundance of sunlight and a sense of spaciousness do not exclude the privacy and comfort of the interior. Mounted spotlights in the wooden ceiling of the living room and kitchen create home comfort and security in the evening and night hours.

The complex internal structure of the house brings original sharpness and charm to the interior. The pastel colors of wooden walls, ceiling and floor look harmonious and elegant in combination with large glass metal elements of stairs and passages.

When decorating the beautiful facade of a two-story house and the interior with wooden details, one should take into account the characteristics of different types of wood. Depending on the wood used, you can get colors from golden yellow to dark brown. Strong and durable oak and cedar have a high cost. Alder, larch and spruce have a light and soft structure that is easy to process. The choice is yours!

ArchitectsPAR Arquitectos
PhotoFelipe Cantillana