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Beautiful Exterior Brick House Design

Today, minimalism in the decoration of houses on top of popularity. But with the classic styles of facing hard to compete. Their greatness and chic is transmitted with the help of well-chosen colors, a variety of textures and the addition of individual details. Beautiful color of a facade of the house is what? Caramel, taupe, and maybe a bright color with a hint of ripe mango? Design work, consisting in the correct mix of all components of the exterior, requires real talent.

The building is decorated with bricks of the color of macaroons. Each rectangle has its own shade, so that the overall picture looks great. The color of the building is in harmony with the pastel-orange color of the roof. The individual parts of the house, which emphasize its sophistication and give the building elegance, are decorated in cream colors. The foundation of the house, symbolizing its solidity and status, is gray. The meaning is embedded in every inch of the exterior. A beautiful house, the pictures of which are depicted here, could become either someone’s cozy cottage, or a building for various celebrations.

Here is sophistication in every element. The buildings are surrounded by rosewood conifers, among which are spruce and pine. It’s nice to look at how dark-green and wheat colors match each other, what kind of atmosphere creates a mix of these colors. Due to the fact that such powerful and majestic trees grow on the whole territory around the building, the cottage looks like a real castle, and not just someone’s abode. A lovely fountain in the courtyard only enhances this impression.

The whole space around a beautiful brick house is a beautiful garden in which every triangle with impeccably trimmed bushes plays an important role in the overall decor. Coming out in the morning on one of the miniature balconies with a cup of hot coffee, you can admire the charming malachite gardens. On the paths between the green areas you want to walk, holding hands and stopping from time to time to once again admire the magnificence of the opening view.

This beautiful brick house is complemented not only by lush trees, but also by elegant lanterns that are installed around the entire perimeter of the garden. Tall and impossibly aesthetic, they decorate the exterior both day and night. At night, the lamps here do not blind the eyes with a harsh light, but gently pour warm fluorescent rays across the green garden. If you ask yourself: “How to make a beautiful facade of a house?”, Then the answer to it can be stylish black lights.

The beautiful house in the photo is attractive because its materials have been used with various reliefs. Smooth foundation blocks are interrupted by rough bricks from which the walls of the building are erected. Then we see small areas of the house, decorated with decorative plaster, followed by a tiled roof, as opposed to this flat surface. Such a design maneuver makes the appearance of the building more spectacular, forcing you to glance around the building and admire the beautiful facade of a two-story house.

The emphasis in the construction of this house is on the repetition of various geometric shapes. Rectangular glass overlap, and the semi-oval window to the floor is like a reflection of luxurious arches with a vanilla tinge. Here the designers managed to combine a large number of different shapes, making them one. Pay attention to the beautiful gable of the house. The roof with sharp corners is another architectural reflex, which made it possible to impart a creative style to the building.

Beautiful design of the house in the photo due to many different nuances in its design. The design of the building already assumes that it will not be an ordinary building with a monotonous surface. Pyramid-shaped parts of the roof make the cottage style classic, giving it a touch of ancient times. The combination of different shades of brown and green colors, special attention in detail – all this as a result made it possible to create an almost heavenly abode.