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Simple forms + Large sizes = Beautiful private houses / Red Rock House, USA /

Beautiful large private houses are radically different from the usual rural houses. At first glance, the rectangular and square shapes piled up in a chaotic order in the final version appear in the image of the original and unusual on the outside, but comfortable and cozy inside the country cottage.

Structurally, the house looks like a backdrop for a science fiction film that tells about the future of our planet. The simplicity and clarity of the lines, geometric shapes give the facade of all the buildings of the architectural complex non-standard techno accents.

The metal structures and the abundance of panoramic glazing inherent in the high-tech direction are softened by the wooden finish of the exterior walls. This architectural detail preserves the basic characteristics of techno-design and at the same time facilitates the entire structure.

The wooden facade, unlike concrete and brick, creates a lower load on the foundation of the building, therefore, the requirements for its strength are slightly reduced. The use of wood naturally fits the glass-metal look of the house into the environment.

During the construction of the building complex due to the use of some elements of organic architecture, it was possible to use the slope of the site with maximum benefit. The main building hangs over the foot of the hill, giving a feeling of weightlessness and revealing beautiful views of the surroundings.

Industrial aspects are also beaten in the enclosures of numerous balconies, loggias and outdoor areas. Metal structures create a comfortable and protected space for relaxation and communication of all family members.

Beautiful large private houses require a special creative approach to the interior of the interior space. Spatial cleanliness and spaciousness, minimalism in the arrangement of rooms create a special atmosphere of light and elevation.

The perfect white color of the walls and ceiling is emphasized by a dark palette of wooden flooring. Fireplaces of various designs and comfortable, multifunctional furniture give home comfort in the rooms. In this comfortable environment, there is a place for work and creativity.

The area of a large private house allows not only to provide a comfortable living space for a large family, but also to equip a study or workshop. Panoramic glazing, high ceilings, a light and spacious interior – this is exactly what you need for equipment, for example, a hat workshop.

The complex topography of the site is no longer an obstacle to individual construction. Experienced designers and architects will be able to build beautiful large private houses on a site of any complexity and will help them with this new construction technologies and modern materials.

ArchitectsAnmahian Winton Architects
PhotoJane Messinger