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3 Tricks to Build a Small and Beautiful Flat Roof House

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Architectural bureau ByMura Design Studio presented a beautiful small flat roof house surrounded by nature near Santiago (Mexico). Despite its modesty, the property looks stylish, in line with design and architectural trends, and has minimal impact on the impressive natural landscape.

View glazing perspective / small beautiful modern house

On the main side of the beautiful small flat-roofed house, the façade is raised. This creates an accent on the panoramic view glazing. The windows offer views of the endless valley with trees and mountains. In the opposite part of the house, the space is gradually becoming more and more private.

beautiful small flat roof house

Due to the inclined shape of the building, its part with panoramic glazing becomes the main one. In front of it there is a local recreation area with a pool and a terrace. The openness of the façade provides direct contact between the interior space and the outdoor relaxation space.

beautiful small flat roof house

Priority for the environment / small flat roof houses

A beautiful small house with a flat roof should be as harmoniously integrated into the surroundings as possible. A small building will not be able to dictate its rules here, so it must be adapted to the existing order. The priority of nature around can be traced from any point of view. Therefore, the architects continued the idea of the superiority of the natural environment in the house itself.

beautiful small flat roof house

Due to the sloping flat roof, compactness and use of natural wood, the house resembles a hut, but in a modern interpretation. This is a stylish, comfortable home, but the emphasis is on its simplicity, environmental friendliness, and not on technology.

beautiful small flat roof house

Privacy from society, but openness to nature / small modern flat roof home designs

The premises are open and functional. But the simplicity, seclusion of private areas makes it possible to feel the secrecy and intimacy of the environment in this environment. Here you seem to be in the palm of your hand in front of nature, but inaccessible to humans.

beautiful small flat roof house

The hut in a modern manner has become a place of comfortable rest. In the construction of the building itself and in the arrangement of the interior, wood, stone, glass were used. Spaces are closely related to nature. But at the same time, here you get all the amenities of modern housing.

A beautiful small house with a flat roof has become a corner of human habitation among mountains and forests. The architects did not compete with nature for dominance, but successfully and modestly adapted the housing to the rules already existing here.

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