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9+ Best Stucco Trim Ideas for Facades

Stucco molding on windows, facade, porch is the outfit of your home. In the same way as you choose clothes and accessories for yourself, it is important to orient yourself correctly with the style, size, saturation and high cost of the stucco pattern. Successful stucco trim ideas create a unique, harmonious image of the building.

It is an element of individualization. And although it seems to many that the stucco pattern turns all houses into one face, this is far from the case. Depending on the pretentiousness, massiveness, wealth, style of stucco molding, the house can look like a palace of the last century or like a new, modern mansion with a classic touch.

Concise styling ideas for styrofoam decoration

If the goal is to achieve the modernity of a classic cottage, an abundance of forms, patterns, decor is not required here. In this case, the main thing is to create a harmonious framing of windows, doors, pediment, bay windows, and the facade as a whole. Clear, strict lines should create contours for each opening, otherwise the structures will look inappropriate, inharmonious.

The best stucco trim ideas for small, humble homes also involve restraint. Do not overload the cottage with patterns and massive decor. Even a small number of stucco elements will sufficiently emphasize the belonging to the classics. But this pattern should be uniform throughout the building.

Most impressive facade stucco trim ideas

The rich stucco decoration transforms the mansion into an object of art. But the idea is implemented successfully only if a solid base has been prepared for the stucco molding – the house itself should almost resemble a palace or residence.

Thus, in order to dwell on a successful stucco decoration, you need to analyze what style of stucco is suitable here, depending on the configuration of the building.

There is exactly the same tendency as when choosing clothes for a person – the advantages of the physique are taken into account, which need to be emphasized, and the disadvantages – they must be hidden.

A variety of stucco trim ideas allows you to create a completely different mood in the design of a house and emphasize a particular style in it. Although they are all united by the general concept of a classic facade, the best options clearly distinguish the buildings from the total mass of cottages in the classic directions. Some reflect the Renaissance era, others reflect the color and comfort of English architecture, and still others reflect the restraint and practicality of modernity.