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Black and White Interior & Exterior Two-Story House Design / ARN 25 House

The play of colors and textures have become the main design tools in modern architecture and interior design. These techniques are used for zoning, accents, visual highlighting, space expansion. Architectural bureau [i] da arquitectos showed how original and impressive the black and white design of a two-story house looks from the outside and inside.

This is a minimalist cottage with elements of constructivism and hi-tech. There are practically no decorative structures, patterns, bends here, and the priority is the functionality and rationality of the building. Therefore, one of the main decorative techniques was the combination of white and black on the facade and in the setting.

Visual accent on the overhanging floor / black and white exterior homes

The upper floor is made protruding along the perimeter. This technique made it possible to rationally use the area of the site, add originality and functionality to the architecture of the house – the spectacular overhanging floor also acts as a canopy over a part of the local area, the terrace. In addition, this configuration is made in order to increase the living space.

The lower part of the façade, recessed inward, was made in black, thereby focusing on the extended upper floor. At the same time, the lower level, due to the contrasting color, stands out against the landscape background – the house turned out to be expressive and aesthetic.

Symbiosis of interior, exterior and local area / white and black house design

The black and white design of the two-story house from the outside continues smoothly into the interior. Here they used the same tones as in the design of the facades, the local area. Due to this concept, it was possible to integrate the internal living space with the outside. Sheds, terraces, walkways, arches made it possible to closely intertwine elements of the exterior and interior of the house. First, you find yourself under the overhanging floor, and then into the house itself.

Flower beds and lawns revived the atmosphere, relieved the cottage of artificiality. A large amount of glass and straight forms visually made it light and open. In the immediate vicinity of the terrace, which starts right next to the living room, a swimming pool has been arranged. It is made in white and has a rectangular shape, therefore it is successfully combined with the architecture and appearance of the cottage.

The presented black and white design of a two-story house, outside and inside, fully meets the trends of ultra-modern housing design trends. The architects managed to make the house unusual not only due to the exclusive shape and configuration, but also the color – it is the palette that catches the eye in the first place.

Architects[i]da arquitectos