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4 Brick House Ideas from Georgia

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With modern architectural techniques and ideas for the construction of brick houses, the traditional building technology has reached a new level. Consider the techniques of architects using bricks on the example of a project by NS Studio.

brick house ideas

This is a spacious 400 sqm country house for a family. It has an original arrangement of living spaces, a patio and panoramic windows.

The idea of open bricks in the interior of the house

Ordinality and simplicity have become design trends in fashionable styles of home decoration. Nothing looks simpler than a brick wall without finishing. It looks massive, contrasting and adds a special color to the room.

Comfortable furniture and light colors of furniture and decoration add completeness, home comfort to the space, neutralizing the effect of industrialization and roughness. They take away the impression of unfinished construction work.

Square column in a brick house

The supporting structures in the brick cottage are massive and have a kind of classic aesthetics.

Instead of hiding them under layers of trim, the architects used brick columns as furnishings and space designs.

The idea of harmony of a brick house with the environment

The cottage was built on a flat area among the Caucasus mountains. There is not much vegetation here, and the landscape, although beautiful, is quite empty and gray.

To harmonize with such an environment, the house also needs to look rough and sturdy – brick in this context has become one of the best solutions.

And the rich glazing in the form of panoramic windows and glass doors, a soft, comfortable atmosphere helped to dilute the atmosphere and not turn the housing into a gloomy building.

The idea of the spaciousness of a brick house

The project is characterized by spacious rooms and large ceiling heights – from 4.5 to 6.5 meters.

With this solution, brickwork does not clutter up the space, but looks aesthetically pleasing and appropriate.

All these ideas of a brick house turn a country house, built using traditional technology, into an ultra-fashionable mansion with creative techniques for decorating the living space, exterior and local area.

ArchitectsNS Studio
ImagesNick Paniashvili