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Turning Brick Wall Design Exterior Into a Fashion Trend

outside brick wall designs

Developing the exterior design of a private house, you need to build on many factors. This is not just the choice of the finishing material you like, but a whole range of professional stages. It is important to take into account the location, the specifics of the landscape, lighting, and the surrounding atmosphere. All elements made in the same style with the exterior create a comfortable and attractive type of housing. For architects, there are no frames and boundaries in transforming an ordinary brick of a building into an aesthetic harmony.


The owner of future apartments can independently determine how he wants to see his house outside. After all, the general picture of the entire housing will depend on the first visual perception. Popular directions for the design of the exterior of a private house are highlighted in the following styles:


Undoubtedly, there are a lot of materials for finishing the exterior of the building. But architects are well aware of how practical and durable the brick is. Its attractive appearance, the ability to play with texture, strength and ease of care make the material popular in the decoration of country houses. The presented exterior design of a private house in the photo is a vivid example of aesthetic pleasure. At the same time, we see the roughness of forms, atypical volumes of the building.


Specific exterior styling of a private house, the design which we now estimate in the photo, once said about the English classics. For cladding, a traditional brick in different shades was chosen. Modern production produces material in an innovative context with improved decorative and performance characteristics. It creates a clearly even shape, even in volumetric visualization. The atypical building has an oblong one-story house with a fancy block on the second level.

The design idea is based on preserving the appearance of the rural building, on the site of which a new house was built. Looking at the walls, pictures and memories of life in the Middle Ages come to mind. It was then that dark exteriors, gloomy fences, rude forms were fashionable. Despite this, the modern exterior design of a private house does not look rural, but rather solid and presentable. Architects did not cross the line that would spoil the whole creative idea.


Brick cladding is used in several shades – classic brown, dark gray and red. Colors differing in tone visually represent a subtle transition of the texture. The palette of stone paths, flat roofs and brick fences around the house connect the palette. The living area is highlighted by wide panoramic glazing of the bedroom, bathroom, living room. The kitchen and dining room are equipped on both sides with glazed sliding doors. The central part of the building is fully visible through the glazed space, which adds openness, simplicity to the room.

Facing brick looks interesting with brickwork. Transitions from natural material to panoramic glazing, as it were, divides each room, making it open for inspection from the outside. At first glance, an old-fashioned design design of the exterior of a private house is associated with roughness, negligence of the surface. And if you look at it as a whole, then a fabulous sensation of past days is created. The full coverage of the building with brick made it possible to reconnect the one-story space with the extension on the second floor.


Architects inspired by the surrounding area created an amazing building. Through the photo we see how finely selected all the details. The dark exterior harmoniously harmonizes with great lighting, and the artificially planted landscape fits into the natural environment of the area. The English exterior design of a private brick house is surprised by the voluminous designs.


Beautiful rectangular shape of the structure itself is quite popular. The separate block above the living room has a square design. Brick allowed to add warmth, charm, create a strong impression where traditional minimalism could turn it into a gloomy structure. An impeccable design has another specific feature.

The back of the wall is divided by a volumetric glass bulb, which is made in the transition of the stairs to the second floor. This is a certain continuation of the idea of glazing exteriors. The chic exterior is a bold expression of innovative ideas. To achieve elegance, the exterior design of a private house is made in the style of minimalism, both outside and inside.

Airy glass zones give openness, rationality of separation of zones. The black metal frame of windows and doors becomes a saturated contrast throughout the building. In combination with brown brick and black roofing, this tandem allows you to completely imitate the style of minimalism.

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Photo Richard Chivers