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Brick Wall Design / Decor and Patterns

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What are the same houses cast on the same street? Of course its facade. The most popular option for decorating the facade is the use of facing brick. A wide selection of different models allows you to create a unique, beautiful design that will distinguish the house among the rest.


Brick Architecture Design

In addition, that the finish facing bricks looks aesthetically beautiful, as it is able to hide some drawbacks in the structure (uneven walls) and protects from the effects of weather conditions.

Advantages of facing bricks

Among the main positive characteristics are:

  • aesthetically beautiful models – because of the wide choice of bricks you can realize any design idea;
  • durability – this material does not burn in the sun, is not exposed to wind, rain or snow;
  • resistance to temperature changes – the brick does not break at high and low temperatures;
  • resistance to moisture – the brick does not absorb moisture, but rather takes it out of the room due to the porous material;
  • simple maintenance – you do not need additional funds to clean the wall, it is enough just to wash the brick from the hose;
  • resistance to fire – unlike other materials, bricks are heat resistant;
    the material is ecologically safe – it does not harm either the environment or the person;
  • durability – depending on the specific type, the brick will last from 50 to 100 years;
  • repair – you do not have to change the whole wall to replace one brick, knowing the exact shade, you can easily replace the damaged area;
  • style – the use of bricks will make it possible to design a house in any style – from classics to modern loft style, besides you can make out not only flat surfaces, but also curved, while creating interesting patterns.

Lows of bricks

Like any material, the brick also has a number of negative characteristics:

  • heavy weight – this material is very heavy, which requires additional reinforcement of the foundation;
  • price – the material is quite expensive, besides, if your design decision is complicated, has additional elements – it can additionally raise the price;
  • thermal insulation – a conventional brick does not retain heat, which will require an additional thermal insulation layer.

But, in addition, the brick is used widely and often, because thanks to him the appearance of the house looks more beautiful, more unusual, more expensive.


Design ideas are very original, which is why there are many brick options on the market. So, it is presented not only in different color solutions, but also in different forms, textures. Depending on the choice of bricks, the price can range from the cheapest to the most expensive.

For the decoration of the building facade use:

  • facial brick – for simple, classical ideas that basically protect the building from the negative impact of negative environment;
  • Clinker brick – for more complex design solutions.

Selection of facing bricks

Face brick can be not only of classical shape, but also with rounded or wavy edges. The surface can be perfectly smooth or porous, with roughness. Choosing different colors, you can easily create patterns from facing bricks. In addition, the main advantage of facial bricks is that it reliably protects the building from destruction. Under the influence of direct sunlight, the color does not burn out, the characteristics of the brick do not change in any way.

Such material is frost-resistant, not exposed to moisture, because it practically does not absorb it. Along with heat protection, the front brick has a noise insulation, so that sounds from the street do not enter the room. This material is used both to update old houses, and to design new ones.

Selection of clinker facing bricks

Using clinker brick, you not only create a beautiful facade of the building. It protects the building from destruction and creates a comfortable indoor microclimate. So, in winter it perfectly isolates heat, and in summer the temperature becomes pleasant, not too high.

Such material does not interact with the environment in any way, it does not harm either her or her person. At low temperatures and frosts it does not collapse, it retains all its characteristics. The brick facade is resistant to fire, less destroyed than other facing materials. With dirt, you can easily clean the wall, you do not need additional tools that could remove dirt. A wide range of color options will make it possible to realize any idea and decorate the house in accordance with the chosen style.

When choosing a brick, you should pay attention to its appearance:

  • full-bodied – without voids, heavier, so it is most often used to strengthen the foundation;
    hollow – with different voids, because of which it is much easier.
  • It is hollow bricks used to decorate the facade of the house – they can not only be different in appearance, but, unlike full-bricks, they better retain heat.

To choose a quality brick there are several tips:

  • the surface of the material must be smooth, without unnecessary cracks, deformations;
  • wholesale purchase has a number of advantages: firstly, the probability is high that the color of the material will be uniform, the brick will not differ in color, and secondly, many stores provide a discount on wholesale purchase;
  • If you do not have enough material for the facing of the building – carefully choose the right shade. The slightest discrepancy in color will immediately catch my eye, which will not be beautiful, unless it is a special pattern;
  • at purchase the material should be already completely ready for packing. Not completely dried and hardened (this occurs up to two weeks) the material is easier to pack and transport;
  • before laying the brick should be in an enclosed space, especially if it is not completely dry – so the material will be saturated with moisture, under the influence of weather conditions it will collapse more quickly.

When choosing a color, do not forget that it plays an important role in the perception of the building. So, if your building is too big, massive, with additional details, it is better to use a light brick. Thanks to it, the house will look easier.

The photo of a house made of yellow brick looks very original. If you use such a brick, then the windows and doors should be made of dark wood. Modern buildings, made in the style of minimalism, which do not have elaborate details, look better in white brick.

But, the classical version of the facing of the building is the use of red and brown bricks. Houses made of red brick in the photo look very expensive, they create a special authentic atmosphere. Very original look at home, where used in different colors of bricks. So, the facade of the building can be made of light material, and the corners – from the dark.


Often the old masonry loses its appearance, it becomes not so beautiful as before. In such cases, the painting of the entire building is rescued. So you can update the facade, make the color uniform (especially if you have mistakenly ordered different shades of material).

Before painting it is important to study all the important points. After all, if you do not properly paint the wall, then in the future you will have problems in the form of mold. Therefore, there are some useful tips, adhering to which you can paint the building qualitatively and beautifully:

  • make sure the building requires staining. If the building is new, it is better to immediately choose the material of the desired color, because in time you will not have to change the brick for the color update. If you still decided to paint the building – the paint will have to be updated regularly every 4-5 years;
  • if you want to remove the paint and decorate the building differently, you may have problems – the brick does not evenly absorb the coloring agent, which after removal can remain in the form of small but noticeable spots;
  • Brick masonry can be painted only a year after its erection. If you paint the house before, then the likelihood is that the paint will begin to collapse faster, crack;
  • Before painting the wall should be washed, cleaned, especially if there is mold. After that, a high-quality primer is applied to the surface;
  • paint better in summer, in hot weather – so the paint will dry quickly, and will not break down under the influence of wind or rain.

Before you start painting, think about whether you should do it. Most often, brick is painted for the following reasons:

  • change the color of the facade;
  • disguise various defects;
  • if you have added a new one to the old building – you can achieve the same color with paint;
  • the building is old, you want to upgrade its look, make the house more modern.

We should pay special attention to the choice of paint, which should be:

  • moisture resistant, so as not to collapse under the influence of rain, snow;
  • resistant to sun exposure – the paint should not crack or change color;
  • porous when applied – so a layer of paint will not retain moisture, because of what would break not only the paint, but also the brick itself;
  • durable – the longer the paint remains in its original form, the less often you will need to update the painting.


The style of the building depends not only on the color of the selected material, but also on the masonry option. The simplest option that is used most often is straight masonry. The bricks are laid out, repeating the seam lines. Very original look such masonry, where the brick is not uniform in color. With such a brick, you usually do not need to create an additional drawing.

With decorative design, bricks of different colors are used. Colors can be mixed by a chaotic variant, and color accents can be created on individual details – with the help of a light or dark brick one can distinguish an arch or other elements. With special design ideas, colors can simply be blended without singling out individual elements. Artistic masonry is different using a different in color, brick texture. In the same way, the way of laying a brick can be different, it depends on the material being used.

Depending on the material selected, these types of wall design are distinguished:

  • smooth – when the bricks are smooth, without roughness, are represented in a wide color solution;
  • textured – the brick is made with various reliefs, thus different imitations are simulated – stone, wood and others;
  • glazed – brick with glaze looks very original and rich, in addition, such bricks can be not only smooth, but also relief;
  • liquid ceramic – on the surface of the brick is applied engobe, which creates a beautiful color coating.


A qualified specialist can make facing works in the shortest possible time and very qualitatively. But, having carefully studied this question, you can independently do all the work. Following all the basic tips and recommendations, the facing will be not only beautiful, but also correct.

In order not to form moisture, there must necessarily be a vent. Thanks to this hole, the temperature in the room becomes comfortable – warm in winter and cool in summer. There must necessarily be a vent at the top and bottom of the brickwork. So the air can circulate, drying out excess moisture, and the building will not collapse.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the solution. When preparing the solution, be sure to thoroughly mix it. If the sand in the solution settles, the brickwork will not be firmly bonded. The seam layer should be smooth, it should not be too large or small. The best joint thickness is 1-1.2 cm. It is at this thickness that a better grip of the brick is achieved. The solution should be applied neatly, if it falls on the front side of the brick, then it should be immediately removed. After hardening, the solution is extremely difficult to remove.

Next comes the main stage of the work – the cladding itself. First you need to buy enough material. As mentioned above, there is a high probability that when buying a brick from different lots, you will not get the same color. Therefore, it is better if you buy 10-15% more bricks than required – in the process of laying some can break or be damaged.

Before you begin to lining the whole building, make a test masonry. So you can understand how best to fill the seams, what kind of solution and how to work with it better. After that, you can proceed with the decoration of the facade. Also, if you started using one solution, you should only use it until the end of the work. You can not experiment with the solution, because it can lead to the destruction of the facade.

If a dry brick is used for laying, it quickly absorbs moisture from the mortar, which in the future can lead to fracture and cracks. In addition, it is very important to monitor how the whole process is going on. If you find an error, a defect – it is important to correct it right away. The more time passes, the less chance that you will correct something.

Sometimes you can notice that on the brick wall there are white spots. They appear due to a precipitate of salt that appears due to rain or the solution used. To avoid this, one should adhere to simple rules. Brick before the beginning of the cladding works should be indoors, so that the rain does not fall on it. Likewise, if you have already started the facing work and it’s raining – stop working until the rain is completely over. The solution used should be thick enough and it is important that it does not get on the front side of the brick.

Adhering to simple rules, you can independently make the facade of your building beautiful. The brickwork looks very nice and original on houses with any number of floors. So, having looked at a photo of one-storeyed houses from a brick, you will see how cozy they look. Two and three-story houses with brickwork look richer, elite. So, choosing such a variant of the facade decoration, you will create a very original and cozy house.


How to decorate a brick wall – this question interests every home owner whose walls are made of bricks. Today, there are a huge number of formats for the decoration of brickwork. The most popular method is the coating of stand-up panels, decorative lining, as well as stucco items such as columns, cornices, balustrades, angular structures. The brick facade is optimal for decorating decorative elements. We will analyze all possible solutions from specialists in more detail.

For the facing of a brick wall, it is customary to use the following materials:

Facing the house with a brick with a heater is an excellent solution that will effectively overcome the cold and, at the same time, make the facade more attractive. From the foam balls are formed sheets that have a high density. The material does not allow the cold to reach the walls and cool the room.

With the help of polystyrene it is possible to create original architectural elements that mimic the natural stone. It is important that the foam does not create a significant load on the facade, it is an excellent noise isolator and serves for many years in conditions of aggressive temperatures.

The facade of a two-storey house with a balcony with polyurethane is a modern technology that allows achieving an aesthetic result. With the help of polyurethane decorative elements, the facade is not loaded, becomes more protected from moisture, temperature and pests, does not require the involvement of specialists for installation.

This material is resistant to pressure and temperature changes, so it can serve for many years without losing its original properties. Stone decorations are used for exterior decoration of a building. It is possible to use natural travertine, sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, as well as artificial gypsum, gypsum board, expanded polystyrene.

Today, a special demand is the composition of marble chips and polyester. The pigment is added to the composition, which allows achieving the desired effect for the facade cladding.

If you are trying to update the exterior of the building and find an alternative to the facade of brickwork – apply decorative plaster. It optimally lies on any surface, leveled in level and is decorated in any color and pattern. Facing the house with a brick photo are presented on our website.

You can get acquainted with the design solutions, which were presented by our specialists.


The facade of the house is his face and business card. The facade not only insulates and strengthens the cottage, but also expresses the personality and character of the owner. The owners devote a lot of time and energy to the quality and beautiful facade cladding. There are a lot of options for finishing the house. However, many owners prefer a facial brick.

The facades of brick look stern and elegant. At the same time, such facades are very practical:

  • strong;
  • waterproof;
  • ventilated;
  • incombustible.

Brick facade does not require care, it will last for decades. This material is able to “survive” hundreds of cycles of freezing and thawing. It does not burn out and does not lose color under the hot sun. Beautiful facades of houses made of bricks differ in color and texture of the material used. Owners often prefer red brick. The house, faced with red brick, looks reliable, cozy and rich. There are materials that mimic brickwork. For example, plastic panels.

Beautiful brick houses, photos of which are attracted by home comfort, often include other types of decoration. Face brick is perfectly combined with siding, plaster, wood, natural stone. With the help of different finishes it is possible to distinguish separate zones of the cottage. For example, a terrace. The terrace is often integrated with the house with a single foundation and roof. However, an open premise can be attached to an already finished brick cottage. In this case, the terrace has its own foundation and is attached to the wall with only one side. The other side is supported by special stands or piles. Such a terrace is usually made of wood.

Houses made of facing bricks, photos of which show different finishes, can be decorated with tiles, imitating a brick. Such decorative tiles can look different. For example, glazed tiles have a bright luster that does not fade with time. With the help of such a tile, experts recommend placing designer accents. Bright and glossy glazed tiles can decorate the corners and slopes of the walls, the basement, doorways.

What will help to know how people decorate their brick houses? A photo. Photo gallery is a great way to choose the right way of finishing. Often facing brick imitates a natural stone. Such material can decorate the lower floor of the house. For example, socle. Face brick is perfectly combined with plaster. A brick can be used to decorate the corners of a cottage, place designer accents.

An excellent version of the cladding – clinker brick. It is made of special types of clay and is baked at a very high temperature. Thanks to the mixing of clay in different colors, you can get unique shades. For example, houses made of yellow brick, whose photos are bright and fresh, are often lined with clinker tiles. Clinker brick is considered to be one of the strongest. In its composition – only natural clay without any additives. Such material retains bright, saturated colors for decades. The whole secret lies in the special production technology.

Photo of single-storey houses of yellow brick demonstrates the unity of such cottages with the surrounding nature. Bright buildings are organically combined with the hot southern sun. The walls, lined with yellow brick, perfectly combined with a brown roof. For cladding brick, clinker tiles can be used instead of clinker bricks. It serves as an outer layer of thermopanels – multi-layer slabs of solid base, insulation and decor.

Houses made of red facing bricks, photos of which are strikingly juicy, attract attention with a bright shade, as well as the feeling of coziness that emanates from them. Such houses do not require care. If you live near the road, pour the facade with water from a hose. It would be enough. Houses made of red brick, photo of which pleases the view, are convenient for repair. If part of the facade masonry is damaged, it can easily be replaced. This is the advantage of the brick finish before siding and large-sized modular panels.


Brick house is always associated with many with a reliable, durable construction, which can hold out in any bad weather. Facing brick facade in recent years has consistently ranked first among property owners. It is practical, economical and, most importantly, original. Today, a large number of types of bricks are available, and their colors can be customized.

You should pay attention to the following tips when facing the facade of a building with a brick:

  • Above and below the brickwork, several ventilation gaps are left, through which moisture can be released. The brick does not allow moisture to seep out, and the formation of steam, condensation between the wall and the masonry, can destroy the walls themselves.
  • Some masters leave every fifth seam in several horizontally arranged rows with an incompletely filled solution. This also allows air to circulate and to eliminate moisture.
    If the facade is covered with several types of bricks, then for the sample each of them is attached without fasteners.
  • Finishing of the facades of private houses with brick is never carried out at a negative temperature. Despite the thoroughness of the work, the result can be spoiled, because of the minus temperature.
  • Before you attach the brick to the solution, it is immersed in water. So, he will not absorb moisture from the solution, which will not freeze before the put.

You can alternate the spoon and bunching rows. The last of them will appear with a periodicity of 6 rows. You can use one type of masonry or alternate with another. Multi-row masonry is very popular today. By this technique, the brick is installed in any position.

To create fancy masonry, you should use bricks that have the desired, rounded sides, special chips. The exterior of the building with a relief brick will look stylish. With the help of it, usually openings, cornices, columns on the background of standard smooth bricks are made out.

Facing the house with a brick – a rational solution that will allow for a long time to forget about the thermal insulation, restoration of walls, decoration of the facade.

The creation of a “brick residence” will also allow you to save a significant amount of money for the purchase of additional facing materials.


Many people associate a brick house with a reliable, durable building that can hold out in any bad weather. Facing the facade with bricks in recent years has consistently ranked first among property owners.

It is practical, economical and, most importantly, original. Today there are a large number of types of bricks available, and their colors can be custom-made. Below on the page you can see several beautiful facades of the house from a facing brick with decorative finishing by a front stucco molding.

You should pay attention to the following tips when facing the facade of a building with bricks. Several ventilation gaps are left above and below the brickwork, through which moisture can be released.

The brick does not allow moisture to leak out, and the formation of steam, condensate between the wall and the brickwork can destroy the walls themselves. Some craftsmen leave every fifth seam on several horizontal rows that are not completely filled with mortar. It also allows air to circulate and eliminate moisture.

If the facade is covered with several types of bricks, then for the test, each of them is mounted without fasteners.

Facing the facades of private houses with brick is never carried out at a negative temperature. Despite the thoroughness of the work, the result may be spoiled due to subzero temperature.

Before you attach the brick to the solution, it is immersed in water. So, it will not absorb moisture from the solution, which will not harden earlier than it should be.

You can alternate between spoon and butched rows. The last one will appear at intervals of 6 rows. You can use one type of laying or alternate with another. Multi row masonry is very popular today. By this method, the brick is installed in any position.

To create shaped masonry, you should use bricks with beveled, rounded sides, special chips. The exterior of the building with embossed brick will look stylish. With the help of it are usually made openings, cornices, columns on the background of standard smooth bricks.

Facing the house with a brick is a rational solution that will allow for a long time to forget about thermal insulation, wall restoration, facade decoration. Creating a “brick residence” will also allow you to save a significant amount of funds for the purchase of additional facing materials.