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Brick Wall in the Loft Style as the Basis of the Interior

The loft-style brick wall has become a fashionable design element for modern spacious living. She emphasizes the industrial direction in interior design, serving as its foundation.

The appearance of concrete and brick without finishing is rather unusual for living quarters. Such walls turn an ordinary apartment into a creative art space, and add dynamism, and extraordinariness – basically this decision is chosen by young people, trying to stand out.

Loft-style brick walls 👉 Primitive designs in trend

No-frills simplicity is in vogue, and a loft-style exposed brick wall fits this trend like nothing else. It seems that the owners simply installed furniture and fixtures in a newly built home without any decoration.

This design looks impressive in spacious, open spaces with high ceilings. All this also affects the rationality of using the area.

Loft Brick Space 👉 Wall Versatility

Functionally, an apartment with bare brick walls should match an unfinished dwelling. First of all, this is indicated by the absence of partitions. It is a single large living space, divided into zones that do not even have clear boundaries.

It turns out that the space is universal and suitable for solving all the problems of the owner at once – here he works, relaxes, spends time with friends, throws parties.

Loft brick wall 👉 Urban focus

Having used loft-style brick walls in the apartment, they should be supplemented with other industrial elements and structures. Among them are open beams, ceilings, utilities left in plain sight, and metal structures.

All this will help to harmoniously beat the bare brick, and it will not look out of place. An integrated approach to creating an urban space is the basic principle of loft-style housing design.

The more such housing looks like an abandoned industrial facility or an unfinished house, the more successful the introduction of an industrial direction is considered. Gloom and dullness can be diluted with a lot of light, openness of the premises, soft comfortable furniture, and flowers in flowerpots.

An extraordinary loft-style brick wall will become the basis for creating an urban, brutal apartment interior. Complementing it with metal structures, open monolithic reinforced concrete will further emphasize the industrial style. Such housing is devoid of home comfort, here the emphasis is on rationality, fashion and simplicity.

PhotoAna Mello