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Brick Wall Inside the House – Creating the main trend of interior design

Interior design, in which there is a brick wall inside the house, looks attractive. This method of decoration has its own nuances and performance features. In most projects, the unusual texture of the coating is made in living rooms. The central room requires a special approach to design, because the main elements of decor and furniture are located here. In combination with a brick surface, a comfortable environment is created with an interesting solution.


The use of bricks for interior decoration has come a long way. Designers experimented with texture, capabilities, methods of applying material to the surface. As a result, several popular areas of application of this style were created.

An open surface will look best in a private house, especially a living room. In a small apartment, this decoration option looks rough, clutters up the space, makes the room burdened and difficult to perceive. The presence of brickwork is manifested as individuality, elegance, a combination of past and present.

To complete the design, various materials are used – facing brick, clinker tiles, wallpaper, plaster. Despite the improved characteristics and capabilities of materials, preference is given to natural lightweight bricks. The range of shapes, colors, sizes allows you to choose the material for a specific interior style. Most often this is a modern, fashionable loft style design.


Frank and bold decisions – this is the main principle of the implementation of the design of the premises. The brick wall inside the house in natural red or brown shades becomes a dynamic option. Coverage, of course, looks aesthetically pleasing and occupies a leading position in modern design. The focus is on this central part of the room. But, the main thing is to be careful in using the material so as not to cross the line of rudeness and obsession.

Advice! When using masonry walls, carefully select the decor and furniture. Against the general background, some items simply fade, lose functionality. You should not choose simple shapes and shades, similar in tone to the material.

An example of the realization of such ideas is the Sun House project from SAV Architecture + Design. The house, located in India, is a combination of several forms, decoration for decoration. The shape of the structure is directly related to the local landscape. The project used wide lines, smooth transitions, volumetric protrusions reflected in the inner space.


The main part of the living room is made of exposed brickwork. This is the main core of the whole house, which is visible through glazed swing doors. The inimitable effect is embodied due to the unusual solution of the laid out material. The wall does not have a smooth surface, as is customary in classic designs. It is embossed, symmetrical and dynamic. Ornamental brickwork is made as a curb.

This technology gives undoubted advantages for the interior:

  1. Play of light – at different angles of illumination, the rows of bricks stacked on top of each other create a shadow effect.
  2. Expansion of space – the wall plane increases in volume, thereby giving the room additional freedom.
  3. The possibility of combining materials – this technique of surface design allows you to combine it with different decoration elements: glass, wood.

To complement the originality of the living room, the designers thought out the finest detail of the interior. The outer level of the pool passes under the glazed part of the flooring, reflecting the brickwork. The recessed space effect is a visual bridge between the living area and the external environment.

Such a project can be implemented in any country cottage. To make the brick wall inside the house look natural, one should not forget about the balance with the “neighboring” surfaces.

Architects SAV Architecture + Design
Area500.0 m2
Photo Fabien Charuau