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Exterior Brickwork – 388 m² Contemporary English Classics

brickwork facade cladding

The outer part of the house is a cover, a business card, with which the opinion about the whole structure, design, architectural idea, and tastes of the owners begins. Harmonious integration or colorful shades make it possible to distinguish the building among private houses along the street. A popular classic of finish is brickwork of the exterior, which combines rigor, sophistication, and practicality. The front side can be faced in different styles, which allows you to find the perfect option for each project.

Architects Stanton Williams
Area388.0 m2
Photo Jack HobhouseJohan Dehlin

Operational features of masonry

brickwork exterior photo

The presented brickwork exterior is located in the UK and fully complies with the traditions of decorating the exterior of the house. Brick is a classic version of the cladding, as it differs in important characteristics:

  • Presentable appearance;
  • Durability of a covering;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Resistance to moisture, high and low temperature indicators, aggressive environmental conditions, mechanical stress;
  • The ability of the material to “breathe”, providing the removal of moisture and steam;
  • Environmentally friendly material.
building exterior brickwork

Brick finish is stable, durable in operation, while it looks stylish, with canonical traditions. On the example of this project, you can see how attractively it is possible to perform wall cladding using ordinary clinker bricks. For the decoration, several color options were chosen to make a contrast, and the walls did not look boring, plain.

Aesthetics of a brick exterior

brickwork home exterior photo

The conceptual cladding of the exterior of the house for masonry evens out the forms, giving the building a certain volume. With the help of several combinations of line building, each block looks unique, has its own geometry and borders. The texture changes from saturated dark color to a smooth light texture. The sculptural design visually increases the height of the building due to the parallel brick of different colors.

Unlimited wall decoration

Exterior decorative brickwork

Continuity of coverage occurs over the entire area of the house in 388 sq.m. This creates the serenity of the exterior in a single design. Facing is made at the entrance, garage, back yard, partitions. The white texture of the second floor creates balance, emphasizes the contrast of the brick. Patterned masonry in coffee and deep shades create diamond-shaped silhouettes, subtly turning into smooth lines on the wall.

Advice! In the design of the exterior design of a private house or cottage, you need to use different colors of the cladding. The most popular are beige, white, red, brown. For refinement and greater effect, a dark decorative seam should be made.

brickwork exterior design

An individual brickwork of the exterior is made for each part of the house. Above the wide window, the front door, a rich brown color is selected, which prevails in the general gamut.

brickwork facade
brickwork of facades of houses

The architectural ensemble of cladding the external walls stands out perfectly against the background of landscape design and interior space. High technical properties, decorative design properties are embodied by architects in the right form of clinker brick.

brickwork options or how to decorate the exterior

The decoration of walls, corners, windows is carefully thought out and professionally executed by a master. The brickwork of the exterior of the house makes it durable, attractive and original among other buildings.

decorative elements of masonry exterior
masonry facade cladding
facade brick repair
brickwork facade seam
brickwork imitation on the facade
imitation of masonry on the facade of the house
repair of seams of a brickwork of a facade
facade brick imitation
estimate for the repair of the brickwork of the facade
decorative elements of the brickwork of the facade