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Invisible House Project On A Steep Slope

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At the first glance at a house project on a steep slope, only two words pop up in memory: an invisible house. The massive outlines of a rectangular gazebo, surrounding greenery, and elevation – this is all that opens up to the eyes of a random passerby. The architect’s idea was to build not just a dwelling, but a building organically inscribed in the bends of hilly terrain.

Steep slope house 👉 Unconventional look at building a house on a steep slope

Building a house in an inclined area is always fraught with certain difficulties. For a family from Belgium, it was very important to create a convenient and original cottage in an area of complex configuration. The idea was for the building itself to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while maintaining comfortable living conditions.

Traditional building rules were not applicable in this area. The standard factors were only the plain rectangular shape of a single-story building and red brick made locally. The beautiful landscape, which opens from the top of the hill and is perfectly visible from the observation deck under the roof, has remained unchanged.

The roof is equipped with grass cover, which makes it look like the natural hilly bends of the area. The roof with grass protects the house from the cold, and the summer heat, and acts as an excellent soundproof and environmentally friendly roofing material. Still, such a green surface will serve as an additional place for rest and walks on fresh vacations.

When implementing the project of a house on a steep slope, it was possible to preserve the natural vegetation on the hill surface as much as possible. The green hillside is visible through the panoramic windows of the guest hall on both sides, which creates the impression of openness of the room and unity with the natural environment.

Houses built on steep slopes 👉 Reflection of a non-standard approach to house design in the interior design of a house on a steep slope

A new approach to architectural solutions has left its unconventional imprint on the location of the interior and interior. Panoramic glazing created a bright and open space in the common area, where the boundaries between the external natural landscape and the interior are blurred.

The dining and kitchen area of the house is illuminated by natural light through triangular windows repeating the sloping surface of the hill. Natural materials used in the design of the room: stone and wood continue the general line of naturalness and unity with the environment.

The bedrooms are comfortably located in the back of the house and create a secluded and protected atmosphere. A calm and deep sleep in these rooms with excellent soundproofing for residents is provided one hundred percent.

Lighting and ventilation of distant premises are organized due to the open space in the grass roof. An unusual green island inside the house is also lit through this opening in the roof and is another creative design idea.

On a note! A project of a house on a steep slope requires careful preliminary preparation and consideration of many factors: estimated soil mobility, climatic features, wind erosion, etc. These factors can be taken into account, only a professional designer or architect can calculate the safe load on structural elements of a building.

Architects Studio Okami Architects
Photo Filip Dujardi