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Building a Small Chalet House with Traditional Technologies

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The small chalet-style house is a rustic alpine dwelling that looks like a shepherd’s hut. But in a modern interpretation, it has turned into an eco-friendly villa, corresponding to the canons of modern suburban housing construction. Gaia Studio has unveiled a chalet-style cottage on a hillside in Costa Rica, following the trend of the style.

Small Chalet House with Traditional Technologies

Let’s take an example of how a mountain hut was transformed into a stylish luxury real estate.


The advantages of housing on the slopes in the highlands are spectacular views. One cannot but take advantage of this, and a view terrace with a panorama of 250 ° is attached to the seemingly modest house. To make the most of the aesthetically pleasing location of the small chalet-style house on a hillside, the façade of the second floor was practically open.

Panoramic structures instead of traditional windows provide an unobstructed view from the living space for tens of kilometers around. The residents seem to be at the top of the jungle.


A small chalet-style house almost merges with the natural surroundings – this is a trend in modern suburban architecture. The project provides for particularly successful methods of integrating the object into the local landscape – structures made of untreated wood, tree trunks as supports, a living green roof, smoothly turning into the jungle, a large number of plants in and around the house.

This ensured a thorough integration into the environment. It seems that it was not engineers who worked on the construction, but nature itself. Water supply and electricity are produced here from renewable natural sources. A person could only arrange the space for himself – to complete the decoration, install furniture.


In fact, the house is built from what is right under your feet in the area where it is located. But, using stone and wood, the architects built here a comfortable environment for a modern family – a covered terrace with a fireplace and a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, and achieved the dynamism of the premises.

Thus, a small chalet-style house is an open, but cozy, living space as much as possible embedded in nature. And even bold and creative ideas should be realized here using elementary structures and materials – logs, boards, stones, trunks.

ArchitectsGaia Studio Patrick Rey
PhotoReiner Alpizar