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3+ Reasons To Use Burnt Wood On Your Home Facade

Burnt wood on the facade of the house is a stylish finish that adds austerity and mystery to the building. Massive walls and structures in absorbing black color, together with dark panoramic windows with tinted glazing, look like a majestic fortress.

The project by the architectural bureau Magaldi Studio was implemented on a hillside near the Valle de Bravo in Mexico. The special arrangement adds a kind of mystical atmosphere to the object. This further emphasizes the appropriateness of the black façade.

Merging with nature

The non-standard decision to use burnt wood on the facade of the house became a tool for its integration into almost wild nature. Here, black symbolizes the shadow deep into the green forest and surrounded by dense vegetation, it merges into the landscape.

The trend of using a matte deep black tone continues in the design of the minimalist interior, open adjacent areas. This color looks natural and is in harmony with other shades of finishes, natural wood, glass, and metal. It adds spectacularity to the ultra-modern interior, helps to highlight accents and highlight functional areas.

Reliability of building structures

Burnt wood on the facade of a house is primarily a functional rather than an aesthetic technique. It uses wood processed using the Japanese yakisugi technology. It means the languor of the tree.

A burnt wood house can withstand fire, does not rot, is invulnerable to pests, and is weather resistant. In the depths of the forest, each of these features of the cottage takes on a special value.

The effectiveness of each was done

The black baked wood façade adds grandeur and mysticism to the elements of the house. A special, partly even mystical, atmosphere has been created here. It was possible to supplement it due to the scale of the house – high walls, area 1250 sq.

At the same time, the mansion looks solid, and not gloomy and scary. This is due to the modernity of architecture. The house is built in minimalism with panoramic windows, open terraces, jacuzzi. There are no gloomy passages, Spiers, or columns in it – the designs are simple, laconic, and straightforward.

The stylish and functional solution to use burnt wood on the facade of the house helped to add originality to the cottage and achieve excellent performance. At the same time, the building turned out to be not only original in the context of design but received a special atmosphere and expensive and fashionable appearance.

ArchitectsMagaldi Studio
PhotoEdmund Sumner