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Crown Molding Online Calculator

Classical sets of facing a window opening on the facade of the house according to the work of the famous 19th century architect A. Brausevetter. Calculation of the number of specific details of the facade decoration of the upper private windows. country houses or public, urban buildings. Drawings, knots, sections, details, profiles, elements, decor sets. It is possible to provide a digitized library in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD formats.

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Simple design of the window opening with a medium-sized molding around the perimeter. Presented casing has a strict shape with a large plane and one concavity. The shape of the window trim detail is a prime example of a classic window trim outside the house. This type of decoration is usually used on the second or third floor of a private one. country house or public city building

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Molding clypeus framing lining finishing window outside No. 15625

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Decorating an arched window opening with a decorative element of the classic, strict form of two standard sizes. Top and bottom extensions are created by matching the larger molding with the smaller one. The increase in the size of the molding is due to the flat part of the part – the figured part of both elements is completely identical. This type of decoration is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-storey private, country house or a public city building.

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Facing a simple window cashing around the perimeter with molding extensions at the top and bottom at the corners. This technique is a classic element of the design of window openings on the facade of the house. Facing a window of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or public, city building.

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A set of 3D models and drawings (AutoCAD (dwg) + ArchiCAD + 3ds Max, STL + SketchUp + Corel Draw) of the classic window design outside. Examples of complete compositions. 18 ready-made 3D solutions for decorative finishing of the window exterior.

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Lenin trim arched window with extensions molding at the top and bottom of the window opening. Any item from the catalog can be in radius. Stucco molding of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or a public, urban building.

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Window decoration with perimeter moldings with extensions at the top and bottom of the opening and using classical patterns of the bottom of the window in the form of small pyramids. The design of the facade of a window of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or a public, city building.

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BR 1.6

Facing the window opening outside the house with a P-molding, decorative window top and window sill. The top of the window and the window sill are made in one profile. This detail of the window has a characteristic element of the facade decor – a drip that prevents rainwater from flowing down the wall or architectural stucco. Facing a window opening of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or a public, urban building.

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Decorating a window opening with a classic set of architectural stucco moldings made of molding, window sill and a large cornice window. Finishing a window opening of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or public, city building.

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BR 1.8

The design of a large window opening outside the house with large elements of facade stucco. Window decoration outside the house of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or public, city building.

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BR 1.9

Decorating the window with facade stucco with a cashed complex shape, a large upper window cornice, a decorative window-sill profile and the use of decorative brackets. This type of facade stucco decoration is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or a public city building.

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BR 1.10

Decorative window trim with moldings at the top and bottom, large upper cornice and classic windowsills. Window decoration of this type is usually used on the second or third floors of a two or three-story private, country house or a public, city building.

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BR 2.1

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BR 2.5

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