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Ceiling Options ∼ Different Ceiling Designs Pictures

One of the main issues in the design of the house is the ceiling. Going into any room, we always pay attention to what is above our head. We determine the height, shape, color and literally in a few seconds, we can determine for ourselves whether we are comfortable in this space or not.

Properly chosen ceiling that harmonizes with the proportion of the room, walls and furniture enriches the design and creates a harmonious space. Where to start, what types of ceilings there are, world trends and which ceiling will fit exactly in your space, all this you will learn from this article.

Types of ceilings

Ceiling finishing materials are many. Today, designers do not limit themselves in any way and use almost all the materials on the ceiling, which are used in interior design from fabric coatings to mirror and mosaic tiles. But the most popular, practical and low-cost are stretch ceilings, plasterboard ceilings, painted, ceilings made of plastic battens (PVC) and decorative ceilings

Where to begin?

Today, architects and designers are already moving away from the usual plasterboard multi-level ceilings. Materials that are used on the floor or walls are increasingly flowing to the ceiling. The ceiling shape can often follow the shape of a wall, floor, or a combination of furniture layout.

During the planning phase of the ceiling, the following important factors should be taken into account:

  1. Room shape
  2. Location of windows and doors
  3. Furniture Arrangement
  4. The color range of the room
  5. Type of lighting

From the above, we can conclude that the ceilings should be planned to plan after approval, where and what will stand. Or create a general concept of space where the ceiling will be the final element of the design of the room.

Often, our premises have rectangular shapes with a height of 2500-3200 mm. The average square of the room does not exceed 30 square meters. Let’s determine which ceiling materials are best suited for such rooms?


Stretch ceilings quickly won the love of buyers and designers, and all because this type of ceiling has many advantages:

  • They are able to hide unnecessary floors or beams.
  • Keep the room from leaking
  • Ease of operation and cleaning
  • Fire safety and environmental friendliness
  • The service life is about 30-50 years.

Stretch Ceiling Systems

They also have a wide range of colors, and the new trends in 3D 3D stretch ceilings will not leave indifferent even the most fastidious customers.

Drop Ceiling Grid Types

The incredible air effect creates a suspended ceiling with hidden lighting around the perimeter (or on some sides of the room).

Different Types Of Suspended Ceilings

This combination gives the effect of weightlessness, visually raises the height of the room, and in the evening, enriches the space with a play of light and light.


Among the more popular materials of the ceiling, undoubtedly remains the ceiling of plasterboard. Drywall makes it possible to perform on the ceiling almost any shape and design.

Hide the irregularities, it is enough to just mount it, it is durable and environmentally friendly, in a word, the ceiling of plasterboard will remain in trend for more than one year.

Drywall Ceiling Design Ideas

Properly thought-out lighting and well-chosen color scheme will not only add comfort to the room, but also divide the room into functional areas, as well as visually expand the space.

Plaster Ceiling Design

The ceiling of plasterboard is perfectly combined with any finishing materials (paint, plaster, wallpaper and photo printing), which allows you to embody any creative design projects and ideas.

Gypsum Ceiling Design

The multi-level ceiling flowing into the wall (for example, a ledge above the bed in the bedroom or a niche above the sofa in the living room) will look just as modern and original.

Gypsum Board Ceiling

It is important to note that among the number of advantages of the gypsum ceiling, it also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Difficult installation process. Gypsum ceiling requires high professionalism and high-quality tools for the assembly of metal structures (the basis for laying gypsum board sheets)
  • In the future, with improper installation or sudden temperature changes, cracks and bends may appear on the ceiling.
  • Reducing the height of the room. Plasterboard ceiling design takes at least 5-7cm height (due to the height of the metal profiles)

Suspended Gypsum Ceiling

But with all the rules of installation and selection of the desired type of gypsum board, you are guaranteed a reliable and high-quality ceiling for many years.

Drywall Drop Ceiling

Gypsum Drop Ceiling Design


Among all the options for not expensive ceiling finishing, plastic panels will undoubtedly take their first place of honor. They are suitable for decoration of ceiling and wall surfaces.

Mounted such a ceiling is easy enough, it does not require special education and skills, it is enough to follow a few rules and the plastic ceiling will delight you with its appearance.

Cheap Ceiling Options

The use of this type of ceiling is possible in the kitchen area, bathrooms, waiting rooms, in many public places, cafes and shops in the country. The color range is quite large in both tonal and structural colors (for example wood or marble, or with a monogram pattern)

Simple False Ceiling Designs For Home

All PVC lining can be divided into two types: seamless and seam

  1. Seamless plastic lining is mounted in a “groove-thorn” way and has a practically invisible minimal seam. The width of such a seamless lining can be 200, 250, 300 mm, the maximum length is 600mm.
  2. Suture plastic lining as a rule imitates wooden lining, it is mounted in the same way “groove = spike” and has a standard width of 100mm. This type of vogonka well replaces wooden types of wagons, has a wide range of different structures of a tree, and also monophonic shades.

With the right choice of color and combination of materials, even a budget option for interior design can take its rightful place among successful design projects.


Suspended ceilings of Grilyato have a lattice structure of plates, the sizes of which vary from 40×40 to 200x200mm, most often square in shape, but there are also multi-level, rectangular, pyramidal forms, due to which they give the room additional volume and openwork.

They are very convenient, as they have a number of special advantages over other types of ceilings. Grilyato’s decorative ceilings conceal defects in floor slabs, electrical communications, drain pipes, beams and other ceiling flaws.

Modern Drop Ceiling Panels

Also this type of ceiling has a very effective look. A color palette can satisfy any whim of the designer, by applying a special protective coating in accordance with the RAL scale.

Ply Ceiling Panels

The cost of Grilyato ceilings is 20% lower than the cost of suspended gypsum ceiling. This is a great alternative to the whole variety of suspended ceilings in the modern market of finishing materials.

Vinyl Ceiling Panels

Moreover, these ceilings have proven themselves in rooms with high humidity, (swimming pools, parking lots and open areas), because even at 100% humidity the Grilyato ceiling is practically not corroded.

Aluminum Ceiling Panel

False ceiling Grilyato can be combined with almost any kind of ceiling. Such a ceiling allows for bright design solutions, innovative technologies, unique and stylish architectural projects.