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Chic Monolithic Cottage With Open Layout Hi-Tech Style

Architectural bureau WARchitect presented a chic monolithic cottage with an area of 450 square meters with an original open plan and the location of residential areas. Despite the fact that the house seems to consist of two buildings, all of its spaces are closely connected with each other due to a special open plan.

At the same time, one can trace the integration of housing with the natural environment, a harmonious combination of wildlife and a modern comfortable high-tech house.

Openness and integration into nature

The facades, from the side of the pool, the courtyard and from each other, are continuous sliding panoramic structures. They are completely open to nature and to each other. This idea, when the ceiling of the second floor literally hangs over the living space, was realized only thanks to the monolithic construction technology.

It seems that the garden, the patio and the trees in it literally penetrate the interior, complementing and enlivening it. A well-groomed adjoining territory with a swimming pool is directly related to housing and is connected with it.

At the same time, the house is removed from roads, public pedestrian areas, sidewalks, and the external walls are designed to provide maximum privacy from the views from outside the cottage. It maintains a quiet, calm and confidential atmosphere, besides, from the side of private lands, an emphasis is placed on openness and freedom, panoramic glazing is used.

Visual communication of all areas of the house

A chic monolithic cottage with a swimming pool is designed for family people who want to spend as much time together as possible, even if they are doing different things. To achieve this, the architects took care of the visual interconnection of all areas of the house.

Despite the fact that they are distant from each other, and it seems that they are in different buildings, residents will always be able to see one one. This gives them the opportunity to spend time together, even if the first of them is relaxing in the living room or reading a book in the bedroom, and the second is lounging by the pool. If desired, glass panoramic windows can be closed by localizing any of the premises.

Thus, a chic monolithic cottage is a dynamic, free and open living space characterized by an unusual configuration and arrangement of zones. Here there is an opportunity to provide privacy or complete openness of spaces at any time, integrating them with the nature of the adjoining garden.

PhotoRungkit Charoenwat

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