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Clinker Exterior ~ Best 3D Examples of Tiles and Thermal Panels for Cladding

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Clinker Exterior (photos of such buildings are located below) is a modern way to make the house original and attractive. Using such a facing material, you can achieve a different effect: make the cottage luxurious and elegant or add it to the image of comfort. The exterior of the house with clinker tiles is an excellent protection of the building from the penetration of insects and various bacteria, the material is environmentally friendly.

Exterior of the house with zoning clinker tiles: photo

The peculiarity of clinker exterior thermal panels is that even using this material in a small amount, it will still be possible to achieve a charming result. A wonderful idea is to combine its brown shades with the light surface of decorative plaster. One lane is interrupted by another and the result is a truly attractive exterior. Due to its heterogeneity, this design of the cottage is extraordinary. This is a great way to distinguish your abode from others.

Clinker thermal panels for the exterior look elegant. A building with such a cladding acquires elegance, no matter what shade this material has. The photo shows a cottage, the decoration of which was mainly used brick clinker. Here it is successfully complemented by decorative plaster, framing the windows and decorating the corners of the structure. The combination of colors was selected perfectly: a strict dark foundation layer, chestnut bricks and light elements that turn this house into an incredibly nice building.

The ventilated clinker tile exterior can also have a nice peach hue that ranges from light terracotta to coffee. In this case, just such a material was used in combination with an orange roof. The composition created by the designers looks cozy. The white border at the corners of the house makes the overall picture complete. The exterior of this type is superbly complemented by a stone foundation and a glazed entrance to the building.

To achieve the maximum effect of refinement, a dark brick will help. The charming corduroy exterior of this building cannot be considered mediocre. Stunning shades of this color make the cottage luxurious. In the design of such a structure, you should not use too many different colors, it is enough to supplement the main color scheme with snow-white columns and the same windows. Semi-oval glass, which starts at the base of the house and almost reaches the roof, gives it a special charm.

There is something right about the clinker exterior of this building, as if some geometric beauty was used in its design. Symmetry is observed even in the smallest details. Smooth squares of windows, clear white lines encircling the structure, and a path perfectly in harmony with the exterior of the house. Such a perfectly shaped house exterior made of clinker tiles, the photo of which you see, is certainly worth complementing with elegant thujas, they will strengthen the strict image of the building.

This house looks amazingly bright, pleasant, warm. Despite the presence of the second floor and a rather large size, it can not be called huge or large. It’s all about the right cladding. The exterior is fragmentary finished with clinker bricks, the color of the doors is matched to this material. A very interesting contrast of the colors was created due to the dark frames on the windows, they are surrounded by a white finish, which then turns into brown shades of brick.

When decorating a modern cottage, designers often play with the textures and relief of the building. In this case, the clinker exterior tile, which is faced with the columns before the construction, is replaced by a uniform coating of decorative plaster. Due to the mix of various colors, the house looks like it was decorated with large pieces of a fabulous mosaic. The roof, which has a dark shade and has become the final part of the exterior painting, has also become part of this architectural composition.

The house, in which clinker tiles are decorated in bright colors, looks noble. Its exterior becomes a sign of luxury and chic. The design of this building has no pretentiousness and sophisticated decor, it is simply and undoubtedly decorated with taste. Even the white curtains on the windows complement this airy look, as well as the elegant wrought iron railing on the balcony. On the terrace of such a cottage you want to meet the dawn and enjoy every minute of time.

Exterior panels with clinker tiles combine perfectly with decorative stucco finishes. Small additions made of clinker bricks, located under the symmetrical squares of the windows, can become the highlight of the building. The exterior looks very creative, which from below and from above is seemingly framed by a dark lining. The porch of the house is decorated with wooden structures, the foundation under which is also decorated with chestnut-colored tiles.

To wide and spacious house does not seem boring, you should use clinker panels for the exterior. They will make the building look more elite, stretched in breadth windows in this design seem to be an integral part of the creative composition. To decorate the exterior of the house, low bushes with flowers of a neutral white color will perfectly fit. Particular charm will add details, such as a beautiful lantern at the door and a pot of green plants near the entrance.

Comfort and beauty are the words that perfectly describe this building. Cladding tiles of the exterior part of the house made the exterior of the building truly attractive. The designer emphasized the soft transition of one color to another. In the design of the exterior, various shades of brown were used. Almond color is replaced by a soft sand tone. The snow-white white lines became the frame of the building, they emphasize the beauty of the structure like a bright marker in a picture with pastel colors.

Clinker tile exterior is a good idea for both a small compact structure and a stately building with several floors. In this design option, a continuous coating of caramel-colored bricks is diluted with the flawless whiteness of various details. Beautiful columns with a small stucco molding give them an image of a building of solidity, and elongated windows build a cottage. You fall in love with such a building from the first floor.

If you decide to finish the exterior of the house with clinker tiles, you need to think about what will be special in this building. Choosing a finishing material is not enough – you need an idea. For example, the photo shows a building in which cocoa-colored brick is connected with high semi-oval windows, which stand out with perfect whiteness. This house does not need additional decorations, it is attractive due to its minimalistic design.

In the construction of buildings, exterior thermal panels with brown clinker tiles are most often used. However, this photo is proof that a brick with a gray tint can also be a wonderful decoration of the building. The peculiarity of this material lies in the heterogeneity of its color. Somewhere the tone becomes darker, somewhere lighter. It is impossible to achieve this effect using just bricks of different colors. Clinker tiles for the exterior are an indispensable material for creating extraordinary structures.

Exterior clinker tiles look extraordinary, especially if you use a material that has a light singed color. In the exterior of this building you feel splendor. The charm of the cottage is emphasized by the white window frames and thin partitions between their huge windows. All these details are collected in a single composition, which impresses with its originality.

Appetizing cappuccino color building. Clinker tiles on the exterior has become the main material for facing the building. Elegant balconies with delicate white fencing – a great place for morning get-togethers for breakfast. Entering a house with such an exterior, you unknowingly expect to smell freshly brewed coffee. Rough clinker bricks are harmoniously combined with a perfectly smooth plastered surface. In addition to everything, the building is decorated with white decorative elements.

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Clinker exterior panels not only look attractive, but are also very durable and frost-resistant. Such material does not collapse due to sudden changes in temperature and retains its beauty for many years. Clinker for the facade can have a different color and texture, this is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Clinker Exterior Video

There are hundreds of uses for this material in building design. Which one do you choose?

Why and When Do I Need Exterior Cladding with Clinker Tile on an Example Project

Facing the facade with clinker tiles is a way to protect the house from external factors and provide its attractive aesthetic appearance. Visually and to the touch, such a surface repeats a brick, but at the same time it is characterized by greater endurance and somewhat better performance in the context of decoration.

Facing the facade with clinker tiles retains a new look for up to 30-50 years. It does not fade in the sun, does not deform and does not crack under the influence of moisture, temperature extremes, and is not scratched.

In the presented project, the tile imitates brickwork. Even after several decades, the facade of the building will look like the newly erected building of brick. Moreover, the surface does not require special care, impregnation with special substances, painting – it is enough to wash it.

Traditionally, the project of a classic brick country house is an object with a facade of a brick texture. But for this it is not necessary to build a building envelope of brick, especially if it is an ordinary building material, and not facing products. An ordinary building brick will still have to be hidden under the finish. Unlike masonry, the tile has the perfect geometry of the outer face without damage, chips, scratches – it will look more neat and aesthetically pleasing, preserving these qualities longer. For example, the photo shows what a brick wall looks like from ordinary brick (first floor) and from clinker tiles (second floor).

Due to the use of clinker tiles for exterior decoration of such a house, it is not necessary to use brickwork in its construction – but it will still look like it was built of brick. The building itself can be erected, for example, from a gas block. And the cladding of the facade with clinker tiles is stylized as a masonry – in appearance and touch it can hardly be distinguished from a facing brick. At the same time, it can imitate both light and dark bricks.

Clinker tiles are environmentally friendly and favorably affect the microclimate of the house. It does not burn, it is steady against blows. This finish is energy efficient – it reduces the thermal conductivity of the walls.

Thus, cladding facade cladding is suitable for construction even in harsh climatic conditions. This type of decoration is relevant for connoisseurs of traditional architecture, but at the same time they do not refuse innovative solutions. Durable, durable styling for masonry will last for decades, retaining a new look, not inferior in terms of reliability and performance characteristics of the surface directly from brick.