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Colorful One Story Modern Farmhouse Design

This light, laid-back, simple cabin in the middle of the forest is designed for a couple engaged in agriculture, and gardening. Hiding under the dense crowns of trees, housing adapts to the landscape, therefore it becomes an integral part of it. This one story modern farmhouse uses traditional materials in the colors of the environment, which further integrates it into the locality.

The central volume of the building is designed as an open space from which you can directly observe what is happening on the street. The building is ventilated and filled with fragrant forest air.

Design of a single story modern farmhouse based on the principle of a platform under a canopy

The object is so light and open that it looks like an outdoor recreation area under a canopy. The effect is enhanced by the raised roof, which does not press or narrow the space. To accentuate the agricultural motif, the ceiling is lined with natural planks and has beams. The design looks spectacular, and colorful, bringing an element of aesthetics and naturalness to housing.

To make the interior spaces as close to the environment as possible, the design of the one story modern farmhouse includes panoramic glazing and skylights. The landscape is in contact with the living space from different angles and angles. From any point of view, we see that housing interacts with the cozy atmosphere of a quiet forest.

The internal central volume of the house of the building is equipped as freely as possible, without walls and partitions. It also enhances the feeling of lightness and openness. Adjacent to the living space are adjoining terraces, which act as a continuation of living spaces, but are already in the open.

Traditional elements in the single story farmhouse design

Although it is a modern property, in keeping with the trends and trends of the new generation, it has the spirit of a traditional home. Columns supporting the structure, beams, wooden floors, and doors. Reclaimed mahogany boards are used in the cladding of the surfaces. This brings an element of color and creates an extraordinary atmosphere.

The tree is used both inside the house and in the cladding of external stacks, surfaces, and structures. The picture is complemented by a massive roof made of tiles and a large cornice, under which you can hide while relaxing on the terrace. Due to the cornice, the flow of light into the house is also dosed, which is especially useful on hot days. The design and crowns of trees reliably protect the premises from overheating.

The colorful, atmospheric one story modern farmhouse design is designed as a complex of open spaces that are in maximum contact with the environment. The use of natural materials allows you to integrate the object into the forest landscape, creating a close relationship with it.

ImagesIshita Sitwala